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Artist: Blahzay Blahzay
Album:  Blah Blah Blah
Song:   Danger
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Put out the word Blahzay as emerged 
Surged most prefered from the verbs and words 
I finesse, try your best
to diagnose, when I host,
you get roast, toast
Bet grip bra when I rumble, you crumble
My stuff is good like mo jungle soup
Rappers getting soup front and rugged 
but i don't plug it, when my sematic hits to your nugget
and expose, you know how it goes when it be pretty
when we roll is like we got the key to the sitty
it won't be pretty, 
for you to challenge, knock you off balance
betta reconsider your talents
You weasel, you better off pumpin diesel
I find it feasable your days is over frontin evil
Shouting to your people triing to bless your spot
but we don't beleive that cuz CBS tells a lot
on who got shot and who does all the crime
DANGER! And you knew it all the time

When the East is in the house, Oh my God!

And when we in the house, ain't no time to act sheisty
come out a spicey to your ass that is pricely
cosin', you get baked like Mr. Braustin
Beans in box, you need more strenght than just locks 
I rocks hardcore even when I dress suited
On some business shit my street is deep rooted
What is this shit?
Rappers want to blossom, put they all a costume
Toking weed buffoon I'll tell you soon you learn the hard way
Tims and blunts going Broadway throught this theater
hardrocks is getting witter like virrer
for Alles the East is in your parlor 
on some proper shit and it will never be the opposite


And when we move on your circuit
You better pray to who you worship
Das recommended ass kicks come splendid
Long winded but I don't need my respiratory
to bless my story, you got nothing for me
Ace been ploted behind doors they skeemin' up
For my arrival, rappers are teamin' up
Do your stuff finize is going to be limpin' MC's 
when I plan my rap you be left handicap
Sweat! gather because I break you no Jalope
Building all heads that be older than your papi
Pack the wind while PF backspin
to the essence, you get scarred to my presence