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Artist: Bladee
Album:  Gluee
Song:   Unreal
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Strawberry lip gloss, sunglasses from Oakley
High like Fuji, I wonder if you're lonely
I wish you would touch me, touching on my touchscreen
Carbonate my water, put it in the engine
You go to sleep now, time to make my tea now
Play with my sword, but my axe is with me now
An elixir, looks like a lighter
Five thousand points, do I look like a liar
Energy field, the blue steel
I'm unreal, I'm unreal, I'm unreal, I'm unreal
Blue steel, I'm unreal, I'm unreal
Got some red monkeys to go with my bapes
My eyes heavy, I'm smoking grapes
Swag overload, Bladee came up
What I'm smoking on fuck your brain up
I'm on killer mode, you are hopeless
Float on top of life like a Lotus
My gear is glowing and I think she notice
I'm in the club and I'm gone but I'm focused
I'm unreal, I'm unreal, I'm unreal
I'm unreal, I'm unreal, I'm unreal

Whatever, palla bry mig