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Artist: Blade
Album:  Romeo Must Die soundtrack *
Song:   Come On
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* soundtrack has no uncensored version, edits are in {}

Yo, with the body of a goddess
Make no mistake about
Never was a good cook
So plenty cats ate out
Catch me at a steakhouse
Cats be on a stake out
Wanna hear what I drop
Cop when the tape out
Hit the Av with my dudes
Break out and shake out
I'm rude I'll eat your food
Chicks {fuck} for take out
It's the B to the L to the A-D-E
Got stacks, spinnin' like vinyl when the crates out
Let's see sexy, plus mami got dough
I get your {shit} wired like Donnie Brasco
Got a mic and a host rockin' cowboy hats
With them wild boys cats, tote loud noise cats
Sex niggas with a gun in my weave
Gold digga, trust no nigga, one in my sleeve
From the B-E-D-S-T-U-Y I put it down for my {bitches}
Let's see you try, come on

1 - Number one rap, fun stack
    Got that rock that
    Get guns cock back
    Been there done that
    One check two check
    Three check four
    Hot {shit}, new {shit}
    You check four

I keep blinks in the safe
Rock minks to the waist
Exquisite crocks and lizards for the spots I visit
Throwing drinks in his face
Only blink when it's safe
Cats handing me more A-V-L me Manny and Mo
Ain't no stoppin' the 44 cockin'
Hey y'all it's the Blade y'all, no flow rockin'
Like my {shit} hell no mo' poppin'
For dolo, from Soho to Rod-eo shoppin'
Back to the block a hot watch and suits
New {shit}, gold I'm throwin' rocks on the tooth
You see me when I ball and it's not with hoops
And while you shop for boots I shop for coupes
Gas cats like Exxon with the Lex on
Not a lot salute I'm too hot for Duke
Plus proper too, I'm unstoppable
So {fuck} with me, that's what not to do, come on

Repeat 1 (2x)

Now where my S to the T to the U-Y niggas
Screamin' f' the D's true you my niggas
Lowkey, OG, Old E sippers
OT, no sleep, hold heat niggas
Sippin' booze till they spittin' news
Ain't {shit} to do
Whips I pick and choose
Head whips pickin' in twos
If it's Blade you runnin' with
Get your kicks and shoes
Number one till I die
Come on ain't {shit} to lose
If you play dummy you die
Now you wondering why?
Cause I'm from the Stuy like that shit under your eye
I do it up, bad {bitches} suited up
Boot it up, suit it up
For loot we shoot 'em up
Truly scar y'all with two revolvers
Keep my hair and nails done
Fresh out the beauty parlor
B-E-D-S-T-U-Y I put it down for my niggas
Let's see you try

Repeat 1 (2x)