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Artist: Black Rose Kartel
Album:  Rose Kartel Order
Song:   Do U Player
Typed by: DaSun Akbar
(Intro) Baracus
Yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah
(Hook 1) Baracus X3
Do U Player, yeah-yeah
'Cause I'ma do me
Do U player, you ain't heard?
I'm a true G
[Nikki Bonds]
Niggas don't want war, all they want is recognition
That's why when I catch 'em sniffing I left 'em missing
Weapon twist 'em when I'm popping at the opposition
Hot copper hitting, leave 'em laying the un-position
After a few hours the body starts to stiffing
Partner listen when Nikki make a proposition
Better cooperate my two properates
Sending you back to your subconscious state
Jump off impulse you never contemplate
While you congregate on how to confrontate
I concentrate on getting constant cake
Wanna shit gut shots make 'em constipate
Hit 'em point blank, leave 'em with the monster face
Point blank, Nikki Bonds is a monster ace
Smoke dro and I flow with a constant pace
Spot pop and fiends copping with constant pace
(Hook 2) Baracus X2
Do U Player, yeah-yeah
I'ma do me
Who U player? You ain't heard?
I'm a true G
Gs up hoe's down player is what I told the hoe
Got the camcorder ready to make us call the hoe
You catching on the block, ball or not
Pushing the rock (you heard) like San Antonio
My Old G told me he respect my gangster yo
I'm soon to be the largest with plenty of doe
Bentley parked on my garage and sipping henny and mo'
(We got) 20s of blow, (we got) plenty of snow (we got)
Pure-burrito, 20s of dro, killers on my paved road like Castro
Niggas know catch you balling on my block player my semi will blow
Run New York like Al Capone pushing a cargo
Gun running, drug traffic by the cargo
Grenades, AKs and calicos, see me dipping from five-o
With some ride-or-die hoe's in the bullet proof Tahoe's
Stash with the blimp plates, FEDS rush the spots
Relocate, with stakes, lit up shop, flip weight
I heard you're sitting on a half-a-cake
Don't make you and your family lose half your faith
When my daddy died player, turned into a bastard case
Kartel toss out cointel in niggas weights
(Hook 2) Baracus X2
[Nikki Bonds]
Do U Player 'cause I'ma do me
Acting top dog, boy that shit don't fool me
On a walk by because you're scared you wanna screw me?
I put bloodstains on that tri-colored blue jean
Do a hundred, wind fucking up my girl's dobi
Play boy I catch you where you play boy
You don't wanna play boy, leave you where you lay boy
For that chick in coupe and them pounds of that hay boy
I click and shoot leave you in a pile of hay boy
I got a hard head, don't make me act fool boy
Gun butt ya with the four pound ruth boy
I'm a monster, you don't know what I will do boy
Be easy, don't blow my cool boy
I'ma do me regardless, so Do U Player
I don't respect your gangster, who you player?
Don't give a fuck about your status, screw you player
Violate my set, put two in you player
We're some old Gs, we've been doing this player
(Hook 2) Baracus X4