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Artist: Black Rob f/ Cheryl Pepsi Riley, Racquel
Album:  Life Story
Song:   Life Story 
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The world ain't no different now
The world ain't no different now...

[Black Rob]
Never had a dime, my life a crime
Had to be when I was nine, moms drunk off wine
Runnin with all kinds her mind stayed in the stupor
'til the point she paid no mind to the super
Stay mad but stay fronting with smiles
Stayed on the ground once and a while
First day of school never had nuttin too style
Mister Colondre stressin I ain't comin in a while
It was a bummer, rocking the shit I rocked all summer
On the first day I was feeling some kind of way
and she wasn't trying to do nuttin
You would think for the sake of the kids
she would enroll in school or somethin
Now I know then was even harder
Especially for a single mother raising me with no father
Shit living up in this tenement, eating stale Entenmann's
Talking wild shit to spanish immigrants
I speak in codes, man tú sabe
Always cállate bendición to my madre
Even though she did nuttin for me
Acknowwledge me as I run down my life story

You don't know how crazy it is outside, I die inside
Oh I've cried oh I've cried;
Do you forgive me?? Do you forgive me??

[Black Rob]
Check the skit, nobody never gave me shit
If anything a nigga framed me and made me get
3 to 6 my first bid, no doubt up in Spofford
Had to be 12 son tryin to make a profit
Remembering robbed my moms wit no guilt
Eating pork and beans or corn flakes wit no milk
Bitter, in school I smacked cats in a hurry
Moms ain't care she wasn't getting drunk wit Mrs. Berry
on the first floor - I used to thirst for greenery
Picking pockets wit Seth and Jay from 106th Street
Yo fuck home, I'm tired of getting punched in my dome
Tired of hearin this faggot ass nigga moan
I started roaming, my hustle game is deep
Cats ya heard; from San Fran back to Manhattan to Newburg
Notorious tell your friends to spread the word
Glorious my life story is absurd

[Chorus] - repeat 2x

Home from Elmira, got a little brighter
I'ma keep it real still a schemer and conniver
Recognize the struggle livin like a thug do
Hatred in my heart but inside I love you
See no matter what I will extend my arms to hug you
Knowing I am just like you, I am like the double
All I wanna know is how you pound me down
Yo this shit is real and you really jerked me around
But any way I am getting paid wit puff now
Bout to cop you a house I can send you some stuff now
So many levels jail take you
I appreciate jail because it made me appreciate you
I've been through fire and brimstone
Used to be diplomas in jail, now I cop the gem stone
I remembered when you rushed me
The time you said you should of flushed me
I forgive you ma trust me

[Chorus] - repeat 'til end