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Artist: Black Milk f/ Pharoahe Monch, Sean Price
Album:  Tronic
Song:   The Matrix
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[Black Milk]
For every pair of lines I spit 
I leave you paralyzed and bend so clear a path 
If you not parallel to my paragraphs
Apparently if they say I'm better than you 
There's no reason for me to put myself on the petistule 
Movin' forward ahead of you 
Like you ridin' a bike 
And you can't move till' the pedals do 
Nobody teams compare 
Bold niggas fallin' so fast 
They need to pull the strings on a parachute 
So stop the comparisons and get buried up under American soil 
We can start with the letter U, S
Food for thought, thought for fools
Where niggas will take a life for the jewels and a pair of shoes 
The hood is out for dollar signs 
We trade the heaven skies for a slice of the devils pie 
Try to make it my downfall but see all I know is to tour
Audiences applause for the working cause
All the best now is spittin' the truth, Why?
You the let down like convertible roofs, I
See the mic and murder the booth, nah 
Killin' shit precise like a snipe that's on top of the roof ha

[Chorus: scratched]
"You, you, you love my style cause I'm not what ya used to" 
"Caught in the matrix" - Jay-Z
"It's out of hand, how the man gotcha" - Special Ed
"You're in my Dangerfield like Rodney" - Das EFX

[Pharaohe Monch]
Four finger ring rap, sling slang, Pharaohe the flows good 
You couldn't hang if you was Ving Rhames in Rosewood 
Couldn't string together some shows 
If hoes would sing together a song for you 
And then you came when the doughs good 
I'm Billy Joel, I really sold 
Might dust off some red vinyl that's really old 
Or chop drums 
On a roll while I'm shotgun 
With a wireless MPC 4000 I got one 
I bomb crew, I'm hot 
I'm cool with Top Gun, but not 
That fond to Tom Cruise, I got 
A pool to lyrical warn shots that you shouldn't respond to 
Like pant legs around the ankles of hipsters 
I'm tight 
Paintin' a more visual picture than Pixar 
Get more, skull than Skelator or rip fuel 
While y'all bite like parasites and pitbulls 


[Sean Price]
It goes punch, shoot, stab, kill 
Smoke this, sniff that, nigga pass the pills 
Niggas rap about daffodils
Tree hugger 
That's when the gat clap ya grill
P mug ya 
My defense is offense 
Offense is nonsense 
Drunk with a cufi on 
Bring it to Allah bent
Clark Kent with the glasses off 
Power fuckin' Loise Lane cause her ass is soft 
Crip tonight/kryptonite, but I'm a blood today 
Latin King tomorrow keep it caliente 
I send Spanish niggas to visit your label 
?Ref en biente? and take your digital cable 
The God hard body 
Y'all ain't physically able 
To test me 
I'm Jet Li 
This whipping is fatal
Blast sketch 
Y'all niggas is past sex 
Acting like a boss get lost, what up Hex?