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Artist: Black Milk f/ Dwele
Album:  Tronic
Song:   Long Story Short
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(Black Milk)
Verse 1

Eight fourteen 1983 nigga im here
But let me fast forward about 17 years
Take you back to the basics
Back to the basement
Hi Hat, snare drum, baseline, base kick
Recording the karaoke, stereo the tape deck
Having fun with it ain't worried about gettin paid yet
Couple years past now i wanna get paid
And stepped up as a Emcee,
Stepped up to the MP
Doing beat cd's gettin better bruh
Listening to Pete Rock, Premo, Dilla on the regular
Tellin ya, couldnt tell me nothing
Til my ears determine
Learning how to get my sound
As good as theirs hell yea
I'm about too add a litte group then
Ten speed and brown shoe
Lasted bout 2 years
But its more info
My kinfolk when on tour roady for Slum vill
He got a beat cd in the hands of Baatin
Didnt hear from til they got back to michigan
Got a phone call *rings* What up doe?
Come up to the studio, yo we wanna hear mo'
Some i brought some mo tracks and they picked a few of those
And made a little dough, then yo im out the door
Is the story over? Not really
Got Trinity, Dirty District, Detroit Deli
I'm thinking how can we fail
Seen a whole nother level of the game
I done toured with D12
Fans wildin out, hands raising in the pile
And proof keep stage diving in the crowd
I can do this i can get used to it,but
Theres more facts so let me back track
To the B-rack, BR Gunner shit
Hoping we were running shit
But it didnt work they way hey
Young J and my nigga Fat Ray
Dirty District 2 things seemed okay
But it still aint right
Things are moving slo mo
So im thinkin bout goin doe lo
So i had to go and go solo
Doe low and im not feeling
Having low doe or close to having no mo
So im back to basics so im going back to the basement
I'm trying to make it
And im hope the crowd coming with me
I'm grinding out then i made sound of the city
I'm trying to show bruh's how this bruh do it
Trying to keep my buzz up suited
My buzz in the underground stupid
Phone call from Fat Beats, who dis?
Yo we trying to make you the newest
Artist on the roster, possibility
I'm bout too use this shit to make another outcome
Outdone, popular demand came out
And shout out to the fans thats been holdin me down
Now travelling the world gotta get em
Whats next?
Me and Hex on a mission for the competition
Caltroit shout, what up to my nigga Bishop
Hold me down on the West coast laid out
Told him good lookin out on the Dre' shout
Hey now, niggas trying to go and get paid now
Kill em on stage wow
The spotlights not dimming
Fat Ray got the set up
Share the spotlight wit em
Critics saying im one of the dopest on the beats
Accolades in the page of the magazines
And thats only a little of what ive been given
Still can't believe that its only the beginning