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Artist: Black Milk
Album:  Sound of the City, Volume 1
Song:   You
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Huh, I'm a let you know what's good
Hold the groupies for a minute man, just for a minute

[Verse 1]
They say for better or for worse right
We in the bed I'm gettin', up on the first night
We gettin' better to it letter to that first fight
I fill your head up with some game that you work right
Ma try and catch a plank off the last flight
Where I'm at, hidin' evidence from the past night
Tell groupie chicks y'all can't stay wifey's comin' through the front
Send them through the back way yeah
Uh who you tellin' when I'm lackin' in fact
You the only chick, bendin' over backwards for Black
You the only chick, not tryin' grab all my stacks
of the cash in a stash I got up under the mattress
Match this, couldn't find another to match with Accent
As phat, fire like matches Huh
You got the goods packed and exact, (yeah)
You got them hood rats lookin' mad cool

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Girl I wish I could spend all of my time wit you, you, you
Real love
Can't wait to be in love...I need
Girl you know
Girl I wish I could spend all of my time wit you, you, you
Yeah, yeah
Can't wait to be in love...I'm so in to you, girl you know

Huh, never seen, that's how it's made y'all
Put down the pimp cup for a minute (for a minute)

[Verse 2]
Yeah she hot but I still gotta watch 'em
Watch if she not bout to hop outta pocket - nope
She get mad like "Why you can't stop and drop
them flock o' hoes I know that you got 'em nigga"
What, what all in my conscience
Tryin' to be faithful like the song Com would sing
When she argue it's time to leave
Make up bout her next week now it's time to skeet
Gone, now we found a peace for now at least
Round trip tickets go and lie on a beach
I'ma go get the room I'ma find a suite
Keep it locked down like I can't find the key
It's me and my Bonnie and Clyde
In the fast lane pullin' off hard till the tires screech
Jump the broom that's a giant leap that I ain't ready for
Let's just chill to the time o' breeze cool