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Artist: Black Milk f/ One Be Lo
Album:  Popular Demand
Song:   Take it There
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Go - To my niggas that came wit the bang 
Oh - In the streets niggas aiming the things
Go - And my hoes that know what they came for
For - With the pretty little frame ay yo
We take it there nigga 
We take it there
We take it there nigga 
We take it there yeah
We take it there nigga 
We take it there in the club
We take it there nigga
We take it there

Yeah yeah
I remember I was 16 '92
16's rolling deep in a 92
Speed limit 60 we doing 92
Earlin sick in the wind drinking 90 proof
Met a sweet 16 played it nice and smooth
Caught her up on the 16th 9 and 2 
66 9 16 92
Not a strip tease neither she was knocking boots
I was big jeans tall tee's Nike shoes
Spitting 16's track 9 like the booth
Wit a sick freak hoe ‘in team ICU
Can't see me on the bird level I see you
Night clubs turn to fight clubs nightly news
Police swing clubs pull nines and shoot
Wild cards put behind bars cause life's a zoo
One Be Lo and Black Milk what you tryin do


Nigga I ain't playing 
Still hot shit frying pan 
The old boy give it up yep you might as well
It's a zoo when I hang where the lion's dwell 
Real jungle, slum do, from where the gun rule
Niggas not my manz and them I'm laughing
Strong arm 'em like arm and hammer when
Flow dumb 
I'm not coming to class to sit
I'm off campus with them hall passes 
Nigga asking shit 
Nigga blast his shit 
Hop in the car dog crash ya whip
I didn't want to take it here yet but it still came out ill 
For the record it wasn't my idea
And my real niggas know what the realest shit is 
Stills bitten hurt 'em getting murder mitten in here
Still hurt 'em from the curtain any verse that we give 
It's, I'm so certain that I'm hurting ya ears