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Artist: Black Milk
Album:  Popular Demand
Song:   So Gone
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Let's change it up man... let's do some soul shit

It's like Cadillac grills, black shit kills
Matter fact, niggas wit backpacks feel this
Even though I'ma still talk about grills and millions nigga
Fine bitches come, fine bitches go
All they want is a piece of the bank roll
Diamonds from they neck to they ankles
But I tell hoes
Oh my, this nigga flows retarded
Y'all niggas trash, y'all niggas ain't artists
"Sanford and Son", all I see is garbage
When I see y'all niggas
Is that that ice? Niggas get icey
Check that price tag, shit looks pricey
Shouldn't blow all my dough on the ice see
But it goes good with my white tee and my Ice Cream's
Might seem that my shit bangs mo'
It's hot, spit with the octane flow
Time is money and time ain't slow
Gotta go hold some of that Lebron James gold

Ya got niggas out here, and they so gone
Ladies out here, and they so gone
Listen to the song, feel free to sing along, everybody (2x)

I'm sayin make this money, take this money
Delt with if u try ta take it from me
Left Timb bloody, ain't no runnin'
Ain't no money, ski mask comin'
Hardcore with it, yeah Black did it
If G once did, then Black'll hit it
Now Black giving, off ta my mans and them
Y'all done wit her, send her off then
Plus mad dough is a must and
Your girl was lusting, for me
Her double D cups and
Show when her nips is bulging
And I know for sho' its not that cold in here
Know this, I gotta show kids, my flows ferocious
Make sure you know this shit
Go together like afros and picks
New song, sing along with it

[Hook] - 2X