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Artist: Black Milk f/ Phat Kat
Album:  Popular Demand
Song:   Lookatusnow
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[Phat Kat]
Radio be like he raw cuz he cuss in his raps
Neighbors say he to loud, he be bangin' them tracks
Fuck that I'm from where gats be busting
For a blunt or some chili fries, give them rats to suckers
Still fronting, ?? still mashing buttons
Since '95, Kat can bless you with the classic rough shit
Scrape that pain, straight from the barrio, blast it, cup it
And the wolves I run with they quick to blast a musket
Same blade you pulled out when your ass got stuck wit
That's what you get when you step to Ronnie Cash with tough shit
Never been that one with that ass, betting to bluff shit
Tuck your ring, watching your chain, your scared we'll cuff it
Y'all some actors, no y'all some actresses
Fucking with Ronnie Cash, so y'all can rest in piss
A in't just a rap, I'm an artist nigga
Don't get me started nigga
The life I live will make a bitch out of the hardest nigga
I need a tech, for post dramatical stress
For survival draw, while soldiers were layed to rest

Hook: [Black Milk] (2x)
Keep going, keep on, gotta keep the streets on
To keep the heat flowin'
See tha weed blowin', on up, still down
Shining, look at us now nigga

[Black Milk]
So I might as well drop a verse on 'em
Black teamed with Kat, that's your first warning
Black teams to bat, like how I approach the green
Home run, Sammy Sosa swing
I'ma show you why I'm supposed to be
The real crack music, approach the fiends, they approaching me
I approach a beef around there
Nigga your career will go down hill like Kobe's team
So cold wit heat, the flow cold like frozen meat
The whole damn globe should freeze
Or the whole damn globe should heat like cocoa
Holdin steam, your hand can't hold the drink
Yeah I'm still focused B, still focusing
Showboat like hocus-pocus, take notice
Put a hole in the flow, have your boat just sink
Y'all niggas really thought it was over
Naw, nigga we reside in the Motorcity
Take cover when they roll up
Like po-po when they show up
Sho' nuff, back seat riding down P.A with a chauffeur

Hook (2X)