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Artist: Black Milk f/ Elzhi, Royce Da 5'9"
Album:  Album of the Year
Song:   Deadly Medley
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[Verse 1 - Black Milk]
Yeah, truth be told (uh), this is who you call the truest out the 
newest pho-
to people watchin our every move like it's "The Truman Show" (uh)
Coolest flow, signal to my crew the cue to go
With they finger on triggers, gun powder under cuticles (uh)
Newest flows, shows as ugly as war zones
Yeah, shit is ugly as Lady Gaga's wardrobes (uh)
Word to Dilla, his verse is iller, the words are killer
Ain't heard nothin this legendary out since the birth of +Thriller+
My +Human Nature+ to expose teams seems
These rappin' niggas are girls, pre-teen, +Billie Jean+
Seems, they love when I'm performin, they laugh at your performance
My shit is Martin Luther, your shit is Martin Lawrence
Tourin on the plane to somewhere in the world new
In the clouds, listenin to Stevie Wonder's +Girl Blue+
So true, dude is feelin confident and feelin taller
I'm feelin on top of the world without the fear of fallin

[Verse 2 - Royce Da 5'9"]
Uh, uh, yeah
I said niggaz known to talk a lot get chopped up
I say I'm sittin in the coffee shop, I don't mean I'm at no Starbucks
Just me and Vishis, roll around like we don't need no niggaz
Just these triggers, we "Old School" like Dean Pritchard
You can't take the heat, get yo' ass out the kitchen
Matter fact, take yo' ass back in there and wash the dishes
I'm ready for war, I know what you thinkin, I already said it before
You better get ready for this, Deadly Medley, whenever we here to record
I can cut into you in my sleep
Like steppin to the weak, I can catch a bullet in my teeth
I'm known as, who not to go at, don't ask, just never tempt me
You can bet your ass, you'll have no ass, you bet against me (uh)
I'm in the best shape of my life lyrically
I don't even write seriously
I just fuck around, like a Rolling Stone, I laid a hat in many homes
"Bad Boy" like Diddy Combs, shoulders with his whole entire city on

[Verse 3 - Elzhi]
(Yo) You need to be amputated
I snap you in minutes, I left Detroit rappers in fitteds decapitated
It's not a dumb threat, 'cause though I'm not what I become yet
I challenge some vet and stick it to him like a drum set
Clap the 'matic, I flip like an acrobatic
Slap fanatics, with murderous rap mechanics
I'm worth pay, pockets go green like it was Earth Day
That's why I blow cake like it's my birthday
The way I roll, envision the city blob
Half of y'all shouldn't rap, y'all do a shitty job
Like colon cleansin and I'm dyin to test ya
No denyin, I'm applyin the pressure like the iron I rely on that lie in 
the dresser
Several try and get they Kangol crushed
'Cause my skills ill like slicin up Devil's pie off of angel dust
You left behind me lookin shadowy, it's fatality
To ever try to handle me like a piano key