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Artist: Blackalicious f/ Lateef
Album:  A2G EP
Song:   Back to the Essence
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When I'm on the mic I stand tall with gall
style worth more than anything you goin find in mall
the treasure of the mutiny is what keeps you all enthralled
i lively up the people with the yes yes y'all
create wait watch and let the fake fall
employ my strategy like checkmate 
call your bluff in that destruction of all previous discussion
when I hit like a concussion your heart rate stall
recorders all stall you jaw'll go slack 
I deliver makin quivers and shivers all down your back
like a river flow the beat
bounces in cadillacs bumpin that vicious blackalicious
kick drum that keeps punchin thru that speaker countinously meticoulously
etchin out the spaces in time 
for miles affecting rhymes that changing minds permanently 
like mescaline giving your whole peception perspective a new design that
wreck that misconception now we seeing eye to eye yet? 
can the mc speak? the suckas stay quiet 
the crowd can get rowdy like the party was a riot
try it and the ladies will whoride your ass up out the spotlite
"you crazy dont you know that fool lateef'll set it on you? 
He better than you" she telling you the truth due - 
I give you the proof due
step you end up getting cut up by the cornerstone's edge
down back by the end I say dont get contrary 
cause baby I'm very highly motivated 
I'm trying to do that play and ownership thing like Isiah did
hope your vision ain't impaired 
but my prayers you can hear what I'm saying to you 
Now if you fakin it may sound strange to you 
like some way under my breath maybe I'm playing you 
but I only do that murder rap shit for those whose the cap fit 
as for the rest I'm trying to you all back to the essence 


back to the essence when we in the house feel the almighty presence 
making mcs act humble like peasants
smoking the mic and leaving nothing but resin
making the spots pop like pots full of wesson 
making  it hot cooking your goose and your pheasant 
taking your props leaving your ass butt naked 
soul exposed no material protection 
low and behold we going back to the essence

I be that G-I to the F when I get def up on that mic
I swing that lefty no discrepency and effortlessly 
and in the right frame of mind 
electricity combined with mind soul and the way I flex the agility 
focus ability makes some heads quite restless in this vicinty 
Trying to fill me out but they just jesters in my vicinty stuck in my art 
Trying to feather my energy I bless plenty of enemies 
hittin me with expressions that would so would like to get rid of me 
in my quest to be the epitome it'll be cold in helll 
'fore I feel stress from any of these illiterate 
insecure about they little insignicant contributions 
Infinitely I'm mocking yes and don't whenever the Gift put out a fly quote
Yes I'm doing my thing and leaving a cloud of cess smoke 
Wherever I go whether i'm balling whether I'm flat dead broke 
I'm heeding my call and leaving a ball of rappers with heads roast
and bringing that universal dopeness to the east and west coast 
and really no one the best though is god
allowing you to harness the energy within whoever feels the most 
at the moment takes it the farthest 
So thank him cause it's through you that he manifest artistry 
like a painting with an infinte beyond lifetime warranty 
and satan is a wack diseased that needs to be quarantined 
and caged in, I'm riding a boat of dopeness come on aboard with me
and engage in a tale of musical invention,
an mc lynchin convention GA lyrical fifth dimension miracles 
all up in your system