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Artist: Billy Cook f/ Chamillionaire, Archie Lee
Album:  The Truth
Song:   Claimin They Gangsta
Typed by: Lil Hustle

These niggaz think they gangsta, (Koopa)
Gangsta-gangsta, (Chamillitary mayn)
(Billy Cook, good looking out nigga)

[Hook - 2x]
These niggaz, claiming they gangsta
They steady, claiming they down
But when my click come around, these niggaz shutting they mouth
Cause they know, it's going down

Koopa shows lips are close, pistol in the big whip it shows
Rolling with the big fifth exposed, but don't you got the fo' fifth fa sho
When the camera's off then your gangsta's off, I hear you boys with that gangsta talk
But that talk is just in your head, isn't more than just gangsta thoughts
If you ever give that a try, tell the doctor to patch your eye
Send you flying right at the sky, gravitating like a NASA flight
Cubic zirconia, pretend they real but these niggaz is fake
Koopa ya knowing ya, really don't need to get it appraised
Not me cause I'm authentic, when beef come then I'm calm in it
If he talking that gangsta talk, then I hope that boy meant it
Yeah it'll really really show, you ain't gangsta and your whole city know
For really though a silly hoe, would be missing like me and one video

[Hook - 2x]

[Billy Cook]
See I'm missing in a video, I'm missing on the radio
Call me the true, missing link to the puzzle yo
Why these suckers, claiming gangsta
When they clowns in bright suits, wearing girls that ain't gangsta
Real G's ball, fake pimps fall
Why you try to show us love now, cause we on TV now
I'm an R&B gangsta, rich boy slash thug
My rims outside, on 80 spokes on dubs
I got my own money dummy, VVS's in my necklace
Slabbed out looking good, and plates say Texas
I'm iced out by the ice king, Triple T
And Jay-D, B.M.G. on a sneak everybody know me
Billy Cook Superstar, I'm the truth in the booth
The Iverson of R&B, and I love to bang Screw
And ghetto dreams, and diamond rings
Call me, the ice king

[Hook - 2x]

[Archie Lee]
Now where the gangstas at, cause everybody ain't gangsta
They claiming they set, but they ain't round when it's danger
So how you banging homie, if you ain't slanging homie
I keep one, up in the chamber homie
I got niggaz on my team, that's ready for beef
And we some hardheads, so we heavy in the streets
So if you come through the hood, tuck your charm and chain
Cause every nigga on the block, known for popping them thangs
And if we copping them thangs, then it's guns or bricks nigga
And if we cocking them thangs, you better run or get hit nigga
They call me Hitman, for the way I spit man
Street credibility, got a nigga sick man
And fuck being a role model, the 40 hold hollows
Put holes in you, bout the size of Coke bottles
We save the games, for the clowns
And when my click come around, you know that it's going down

[Hook - 2x]