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Artist: Billy Cook f/ Chris, Talent
Album:  R&B Gangsta
Song:   Say What You Mean
Typed by: Lil Hustle

Say what you mean, and mean what you say
I'm tired of you, playing all these silly ass games
So say what you mean, and mean what you say
I'm tired of you, telling me your ass is gonna change

Girl, I've tried
To make the best, of a bad situation
But you, just don't wanna do right
And you, just wanna live your life
See I was there for you, girl I care of you
Changed my life for you, so with you I'm through
You were next best thing, closer than a jewel to me
Now I'm saying bye-bye, girl you're history


[Billy Cook]
Baby girl, I tried to give you my best
Everything you ever needed and wanted, I confess
Be the shoulder just for you, everytime you shed a tear
But you threw it all away, now I'm switching gears
Like a stop on a new route, baby no doubt
Let's keep it real, girl I'm so burned out
Why you keep on testing me, you and your know-it friends
Why you stressing me, when I gave you everything


I wanna know, what do we do
Girl are we through, between me and your friends - 2x

[Billy Cook]
Why you, playing these silly games
Calling my house, using other names
Trying to play me, like a bird cheap-cheap
Trying to play me for weak, no message at the sound of the beep
I'm gon tell your ass once, I'm a grown ass man
How the blind don't lead the blind, you and your dumb ass friends
So insecure, cause you think a nigga creep-creep
Trying to catch a nigga slipping girl, when you're the one who's weak

[Hook - 2x]