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Artist: Billy Cook & Lil Kano
Album:  The Best of Both Worlds Down South
Song:   Why Do They Lie
Typed by: Lil Hustle


[Hook - 2x]
Why, why do niggaz lie
Just to make, themselves look bigger
When they're not, trying to sell me a dream
Just to be on team, all a smoke screen

[Billy Cook]
Why do niggaz claim to be, something that they're not
They ain't ring in the industry, on me they do plot
I don't need your legs to stand on, I got two of my own
So impress calm yourself, I don't have to hide behind a song
But I'm old and new in this school, sit back don't work with me
Cause I done paid my dues, like a trill ass G
Since you don't wanna be with us, we don't wanna be with you
Keep your funny money nigga, and your weak ass crew

[Hook - 2x]

[Lil Kano]
See back in the day, my mind was kinda flossed
I was dealing with the wrong cards, thinking that I was a man but I was a kid with thoughts
And because of seeing death with my own eyes, my homie got shot nine times
Put up in the ground, for some shit that he didn't do
And a couple of years later I had to make a change, I was raised by my mom's cause my pop's never came through
Till the age of twelve I was already hell, cause I ran with the crooks and the thugs
Backstabbers money grabbers, fakers haters trying to show me love
See the oldtimers trying to tell me, watch them people you running with
So I signed a deal the worst one, fo' years of my life been down and shit

[Hook - 2x]

[Billy Cook]
See a old wise man told me, keep your enemies real close
Get rid of oh yes niggaz, cause they play down on you to be broke
This music is thr story of your life, it's real and no joke
Listen close son to what I say, so later on you can cope
People say when you make it, don't forget about me
But never once gave a dollar, for a c.d. in this industry
And an artist got it real bad, like something in my eye
So somebody please tell me, why these hating ass niggaz lie

[Hook - 2x]

[Billy Cook]
Have you ever been through, what I been through
Living in the music game, motherfuckers trying to pimp you
Never seem like you was working, or choking up on the block
Nigga hustle for the money, then nigga be getting shot
Try to make it in this industry, enemies everywhere
Nigga talking bout they loving you and rocking, but they don't care
See I'm living the dream I'm Billy Cook, I'm a star
Everyone'll get down you on feet, bring the war fuck that
You would never pay attention from a thug
Cause you got a lot of money, but you never have love
Just because you in a situation, where you doing good
Stock bonds fuck that, we grind bust that
Leave a nigga leaking from his ass, to his elbows
Playing with a nigga life, nigga hell no
Out to get it, if you with it then nigga feel it
Sit back relax, and let the best of both worlds do it Kano and Cook


Why... - 7x