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Artist: Billy Cook & Lil Kano
Album:  The Best of Both Worlds Down South
Song:   Stop Stuntin
Typed by: Lil Hustle

[Hook - 2x]
Stop stunting hoe, I ain't got nothing for ya ass
Stop stunting hoe, I ain't bout to up my cash
Stop stunting hoe, it because you flipping in my whip
And you sipping on the Cris', 25 on your wrist

[Billy Cook]
I have nothing to lose, but everything to gain
You feel me stepping on your toes, you better get out the game
It's the R&B Don, of Mo City spitting game
Like a flame where I aim, the platinum so remember the name
Billy Cook Supastar, out that B.M.G.
So it's money to burn, that's why I'm letting off steam
See I'm certified platinum, and still living my dream
When it come to singing hooks, I'm the truth and the king

[Hook - 2x]

[Lil Kano]
Lil mama they see the shit, cause she flip in a Benz
We been playing that shit, since way back when
Maybach twins, gutter with the big boy rims
Iced out chains, gold deep iced out rings
Bought that chain, in the mist of the city where the haters bout
And the thugs on the route, catch a nigga by surprise
Nigga quick to run they mouth, when they ball
So I lay back relax and rob his ass, put em up on the wall

[Hook - 2x]

[Lil Kano]
You see, some of these niggaz is hoes too
And some of these niggaz, look just like you
They hit the streets, kissing ass ro'
Talk behind a nigga back like a dog hoe, say it to my face yo
I don't back down, I don't bump my gums
From the city where they bring it back, fifty round drums
Niggaz slick as grease, thumping through the streets with they boots on
Pumping through the projects, bout to get they shoot on
I ain't got nothing for ya, don't even ask me
Niggaz steady snitching, police gon harass me 
Talking bout you balling, riding round in a Humvee
Chromed up whip, three women right beside me

[Billy Cook]
I roll I roll, with a dangerous camp
So when we come through, all haters get slapped
Hoe what you gon do, bitch what you gon do
Keep talking that shit, I'ma wet your whole crew
Stop stunting hoe, why you ain't gon let us in the club
Stop stunting hoe, knowing you's a bitch made scrub
Stop stunting hoe, that ain't how H-Town get down
Stop stunting hoe, you not a bouncer you a clown

[Hook - 4x]

This your homie Lil Kano, y'all know
I did the beat, bang on hot tracks
Look, it's like this my homie homie
Lunie in this thang, Billy Cook on ring
Bring some'ing knew you feel me, the truth