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Artist: Billy Cook & Lil Kano
Album:  The Best of Both Worlds Down South
Song:   Shake Down
Typed by: Lil Hustle

Billy Cook (Billy Cook), Lil Kano (Lil Kano)
Come on, Best of Both Worlds check it
Uh-huh uh-huh, bou-bou-bou-bou-bou

[Hook - 2x]
Say ma, shake your jelly on the flo'
I wanna see, how low can you go
Drop it and pop it, for Billy Cook and Kano
I wanna see you, pop that thang some mo'
You gotta work out, shake down
Do your thang, right now
Back it up, on me
Show that thong, for free

[Billy Cook]
In the middle of the flo', ladies gon shake your jelly
Shake-shake bounce-bounce, I see you on the celly
You's a stunner in them jeans girl, m-hm
Big bubble in them jeans girl, m-hm
If this is your song, show that thong
Shake your back out, until it's time to go home
DJ if you want it, we can play it again
Cause they don't wanna bounce solo, cause it's better with friends


[Billy Cook]
Make your booty go...
Make your booty go...
Shorty make your booty go...
Kano make the track go...

[Lil Kano]
I love the way, you shake down in the Jeep
Booty hanging out the window, of the passenger seat
Lil' mama you got it made, with that throwback on
Got a nice lil' waist, big booty all grown
Lil' Kano'll get with ya, get ya then flip ya
Put ya on the couch, and wear your back out
You love it how I do it (yeah), I knew it
Cause that anaconda, made you wiggle and run to it

[Hook - 2x]

[Billy Cook]
See my ice, my cars my house note
Got do' fly clothes, all paid fo'
My click, B.M.G. up in the club
Bust it open, where you at throw your hands up
Got em saying uh-oh, uh-oh uh-oh
There they go, Billy Cook and Lil Kano
Got the best of both worlds, down South
All haters, put it in your mouth

[Lil Kano]
I see, you looking at me shap
You a big fine woman, I'm your pappy-yap
Already, I wanna see you bend it over easy
Pop that thing, till it's greasy and cheesy
K-Nizzle Billy Cizzle, bout to run it
In that throwback track, right here I done it
And the jelly that you shaking, Cook sung it
Y'all know, the best of both worlds we brung it

[Billy Cook]
Y'all know, we bout the pimped out cars
Diamonds blinging, from them platinum stars
And they wanna know, who we are
Down South ghetto celebs, living large