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Artist: Big Pokey f/ Big Steve
Album:  Hardest Pit in the Litter
Song:   Range Rover
Typed by: Lil Hustle

Playas, we are now taking over
Your motherfucking airwaves
Thank you, for tuning in

[Big Pokey]
Ok I peep this game, with two mafia bosses
A deuce verbal abuse, make a nigga nautious
See Poyo, up on a whole 'nother page
Breaking the stage, make a million dollar wage
Can't fade, aces of spade on vocals
Two glocks two holsters, lead swarm like locusts
Stock broker, stereo killer peep my vocals
Steady peeping game, through my Gucci bifocals
I done told you once, I done told you twice
Rolex's full of ice, on point precise
Red beans and rice, as my ghetto entree
Big bosses don't play, call me Sensei
Verbal AK, assassinating tracks
Snapping they backs, and bleeding mics on wax
And in fact a bunch of crack, took me to my stacks
Now relax and feel the heat, from this verbal impact

[Hook - 2x]
I done told you, when we hit the scene man it's over
We some mob niggaz, push a big Range Rover
City to city, and state to state
Ain't nothing else to do, but what regulate

[Big Steve]
I promise cuz niggaz ain't ready for me, the Grand Pappy
Mafioso, peep game my stilo
Is out of control, brick hauler shot caller
Creeping with Big E, in a wide body Impala
Through the state, when me and Poke regulate
Congregate, so we can make them platinum plates
Too late to jump down, see we setting it off
In your face head of the race, and getting a taste
But it's big ass pie, and the problems in my eyes
See I got's to grind and get it, big niggaz on the rise
Taking hoes from Colorado nigga, and Caligula
See me on the whip side baby, so I can get with ya
A shop like Vivica, cause she's the fox
Bring a watch filled with baguettes, and my 18's knock
Let the top drop playa, in the Bentley Azur
Mafioso and Poyo, is wrecking for sure

[Hook - 2x]

[Big Steve]
I heard that Peruvian weight with flakes, move better upstate
Me and Podin, in Arizona dumping off crates

[Big Pokey]
Little crates of cakes, got the whip got the scrape
Ain't no jamming the breaks, equate loot in the tailgate

[Big Steve]
We got 49 of the states, nigga that we that conquer
18 when I'm wrecking, like I'm driving a Tonka

[Big Pokey]
Pushing off ya

[Big Steve]
And I'm whipping the cheese, to make dollas

[Big Pokey]
Candy Impala, Sacci stitches on my collar

[Big Steve]
And hoes holla, when we hit the place

[Big Pokey]
Wrecking they face, alligator on my waist

[Big Steve]
See it's no time, for hate

[Big Pokey]
Click tight, like face
Was it the diamonds that hit you, or the mace

[Big Steve]
Cause you niggaz I done told ya, when we hit your streets bitch it's over
We mobbing over niggaz, in a big Range Rover

[Big Pokey]
Tipping the car over, stretch 'gini with a sheuffer
Praying to Jehovah, this balling is never over

[Big Steve]
With our pictures on the poster, reading they want it

[Big Pokey]
Conducting bidness with a taser, in a big 600

[Big Steve]
They all up on it, I floss it and flaunt it cause I want it

[Big Pokey]
With a beam on the gauge, ready to shit on my opponents

[Hook - 2x]

Know I'm saying, know I'm tal'n bout
Real off in here (real), Big Pok'
Grand Pappy Mafioso, know I'm saying
Chevis Entertainment, it's real Woss Ness
Feel that, feel they hate it
Cause I done told ya