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Artist: Big Pokey
Album:  Hardest Pit in the Litter
Song:   All In
Typed by: Lil Hustle

[Hook - 2x]
I'll have you draped in the finger thangs, sporting diamond rings
Fill your bracelet with karats, and give you pocket change
I ain't a trick, but I wanna get with ya
When I dream you the one that I picture, I'm all in

[Big Pokey]
Know, what a nigga really love to see
Gucci sheets we in a suite, you making love to me
Hugging me rubbing me, mugging me
Pulling out and releasing on the belly, cause that's the thug in me
I love to freak, you make a nigga geek for sex
I'ma floss the six, you could floss the Lex
I'ma ice out necks, I'm all in
In the mist of me balling, I hear your body calling
I'm bout it, baby you bout it
I'm on the yacht at the bar getting sloppy, holding you is a hobby
Of mine, as we bump and we grind
Digging in you from behind, irritating your spine
It ain't a fuck thang, or a Viper and a truck thang
When you in the kitchen, frying up a duck mayn
I love the thangs you do, I love to hang with you
I'm putting it on the line boo, I'm claiming you

[Hook - 2x]

[Big Pokey]
Off the top I'm a mess, cause the thug and finesse
These baguettes on my chest, got you highly impressed
Blowing pounds of cess, maybe ki's and acres
In the waters of Jamaica, is where I normally take ya
Casinos in Vegas, see I ball's and ball's
600 U-Haul, fish tank in the wall
Going hard in the mall, ooh the show ain't stopping
V-12 steady chopping, and my screens is dropping
It was love at first sight, I knew that when I met ya
Shoes skates and if you slip, Persian rug gon catch ya
Candles lit around the tub, while we taking a bath
Shoulders pinned against the marble, while I'm up in the mad
Bath water with bubbles, hugged up like huddles
And we caress and we cuddle, ain't worries or trouble
Sweat pouring in puddles, cause I'm all in them hips
Ain't no chains or no whips, cause the script done flipped it be a trip

[Hook - 2x]

[Big Pokey]
Baby, I'm back in your brain
Watch the screens when it rain, peep the piece and the chain
Diamond white fo' runner, real leather and lumber
Buttons chopping like pirhanna, holding head in my sauna
Plus the four course meal, put the berries on chill
Lose the skirt you dessert, the way you work it be real
You ain't a freak boo, you make a nigga knees weak boo 
Brown skin smelling sweet, and petite too
That's why I'm making you mine, locking you down
Knocking you down, when it jump off I'm cocking the nine
Mili', you my tests is a pillow
Gon have to grind or put it down, cause I stack's up the scrilla
Dope dealing and cap peeling, are some things of the past
Now C.E.O. hogging the show, and smashing the gas
Built to last in this game, plus I'm in it to win
Just remember like I said befo', I'm all in

[Hook - 2x]

When I dream, you the one that I picture, I'm all in - 8x