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Artist: Big Pokey f/ Lil' Keke, Paul Wall
Album:  Evacuation Notice
Song:   Let Dem Boys Know
Typed by: Lil Hustle
You know who it is, original S.U.C. man
Dina, Young Don, P. Wall my brother what up
We gon' let them boys know, let them boys know
You know who it is, it's Don Ke nigga
[Lil' Keke]
I let them boys know, I break them boys off
I'm stunting just like I'm Birdman, my leather so soft
I was riding buck, when you punks was riding cloth
Got them bad yella broads, blowing dro we at the loft
It's S.U.C. I'm Lil' Keke, so listen to me well
Deliver like a post man on this route, dropping mail
Them books come off the scale, them boppers on my trail
They was victims of the drop, when it's top fell
Candy apple coupe, you know the Benz got pull
As soon as the tank full, I call it the red bull
Flipping on that bright chrome, yapping on my IPhone
I told them haters they could go hard, or stay they ass home
Flossing in the city, Cadillac full of wood grain
83's and 84's, definitely ain't the same thang
I'm in the turning lane, putting on a car show
They see it's Don Ke, known for letting rookies know
[Hook - 2x]
Let them boys know, flip chrome I be folding em
Filling up a foreign ride, with petroleum
Let them boys know, let them boys know
Let them-let them boys know, let them boys know
[Big Pokey]
I let them boys know, I show em how to stunt
Push the button fold the top, now it's in the trunk
Them niggaz on the swangas, swinging like they driving drunk
Wood buck bubble head, them boys is watching Blount
Let them fiends watch the Benz up, we fins to roll
Foreign hoes slamming foreign do's, this nigga cold
Filling up my gas tank, talking on my phone
Yellow diamonds on, call em the Y-stones
Driveway whipped up, everything on chrome
Ralph Lauren paint, Daytona all in my home
Looking good when I roam, scratching for this cake
Real reco' real, you faking I can't relate
The Benz that's the bait, first thing a chick see
I ain't done no talking, the chick she chose me
Like it's 'spose to be, me I'm that fly
Still holding rolling on them niggaz, that's why
[Hook - 2x]
[Paul Wall]
Let them boys know, I be pulling up clean like Kobe Bryant
With the open dome, retractable roof just like Reliant
That watermelon paint, juicy red like a sonic slush
Sideways bending blocks, leaning like I was on a crutch 
I come around so swiftly, and turn faces
I be turning these corners, like Carl Crawford stealing bases
The screens in the visor, dropping down like a breaking ball
So much bass in the trunk, I need a Tylenol
Trunk up and standing tall, on spokes I spider crawl
Paint wet and leaving stains, from Greensroad to Holly Hall
My TV Johnny watch, twinkle and glisten
Please check the lost and found, cause my top is missing
Please check the IPhone, how I touch screen text
I handle grain with finesse baby, new born fresh
I got the navigation dash partna, banging that Screw
It ain't to many holding like I do, so let them boys know
[Hook - 2x]