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Artist: Big Pokey f/ A3
Album:  Evacuation Notice
Song:   I Mean I'm
Typed by: Lil Hustle

Yeah yeah yeah, Crock Bull take one
Huh huh, say say say ay

[Chorus - 2x]
What we do blowing this pine, I keep that good
I mean I'm, keeping it gutter I'm keeping it hood
And when I, when I finesse I know I'm the best
I mean I'm, I know that I'm thoed I know that I'm fresh

[Big Pokey]
I know that I'm thoed, I know that I'm fresh
I mean I, I know that I'm cold I know I'm the best
And when I, when I finesse I know I'm the truth
Right now I'm, acting a mess a pest in the booth
We stained it, we stack that cash and stain they brain
And I'm that, I'm that cat they can't contain
They call me, they call me the boss they know I'm a beast
And they know, they know I'm a feast my record release
The street teams smother the streets, I smother the beats
AK's cut your lights off, leave you covered in sheets
We stay on, we stay on the low we stay outta drama
Before I, before I fold I'll be back with my mama
I know I, I know I always be repping the Stone
Just like I, jump on tracks and be wrecking the song
And you a bitch nigga, a girl in a thong
We was playing football, you was split up the tones nigga

[Chorus - 2x]

[Big Pokey]
I'm right back, back in this bitch scratching like a bulldog
The hype around me, got me hopping like a bull frog
Turn on the fogs, holla at them bitches
Felipe in the five fifth, I'm dropping the switches
As long as, as long as we get it we got it we pitching
If you can't, can't stand the heat then get outta the kitchen
And if you, if you soft stay outta them trenches
Trenches, full of apes and bulls no doberman pincers
And I got a, fo' in the soda I po'd in a swisha 
And if baby, if baby get tired she know I'ma bench her
And if she, she was my hoop she know I'ma tip her
Tip her like I'm at the Blue Flame, tipping them strippers
Got that, got the connect diamonds and clipper
My index, my index finger handles the trigger
It's catch a, catch a square I handled a nigga
It's straight break a nigga design, dismantle a nigga


Yeah baby, it's the tanker
3 no games when I aim, that thang at your thinker
Hard like rocks, sweet like chocolate
Throw it in a rapper, finna make a lot of profit
President stacking, the swangs get to acking
The trunk start rattling, slab rock with satisfaction
Remember when a nigga, use to ice the mic
Visualizing bout a Benz, snow icey white
Now I'm fresh, like a pepper out the package
Suave clean, like I use to two step with the Jacksons
Rhyme real breaker, young undertaker
I mean I'm, I'm so throwed X and O's on you haters
Crossed out lost out, probably in the long house
Baby in her lingerie, po'ing purple Sprite out
Just run away bitch, I'm running my own race
MaƱana equal mo' dollars, stay the fuck up out my face

[Chorus - 2x]