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Artist: Big Pokey f/ Mr. Lee
Album:  Evacuation Notice
Song:   I'm From the South
Typed by: Lil Hustle
[Hook: Mr. Lee]
Diamonds shining, in your face
Candy car, dripping wet
Stacking paper, while you haters stare
Money raining, everywhere
I'm from the south, I'm from the south
I'm from the south, I'm from the south
I'm from the south, I'm from the south
I'm from the south, I'm from the south
[Big Pokey]
It's M-O-B dog, and they like my style
White diamonds on my teeth, so they like my smile
Gotta crawl 'fore you walk, that's the name of the game
If a snitch nigga talk, then you aim for the brain
At the club make it rain, hundreds and fifties
Boys better get they weight up, if they wanna get with me
They money bug bit me, now it's time to play
On Star in the foreign, I can find my way
The topic of discussion, is stacking that paper
Money raising the duel truck, dragging the trailer
Lay it all on the line, I go hard for scrilla
These streets is the jungle, but you born gorilla for rilla
I'm a icon, I'm what niggaz wanna be (g'eah)
Keep watching, I'ma show you what you wanna see
First thangs first, conquer what's in front of me
They don't want none of me, they don't want none of me
[Big Pokey]
Got zones for five, I got em for three
Crock Bull move chickens, like a KFC
Million dollar recipe, I'ma grind for mine
Invest that get it back, down the line
Six foot three, 350 diamond down
In a cocaine Rover, when I'm riding around
I'm a player (player), they hate that nigga
Sensei'll pull a chick, like a tre-8 trigger
Sliding through the Stone, balling like Jim Jones
With my Tim's on, in a Benz with the brim gone
Pay attention to me, follow the leader
One hitter quitter, knock the meat out a fajita
They try to cheat us to beat us, but they know the truth
Clutch city get gritty, niggaz know what it do
Looking good when I come through, living the life
Paper'ed up tapered up, and it's linen in ice nigga
[Big Pokey]
Use to text talk niggaz, how to hold the grain
Screens lit up, nigga fo's and bang
Hoes feeling my slang, loving my swag
Trunk full of shopping bags, coming home popping tags
Pulling slabs out, popping trunks acting bad
Pedal to the metal, with the roof back shagging ass
Giving boys the bidness, from the stage to the street
With this heat, giving boys the bidness
These diamonds cause collisions, boys be staring
Sometime they can't talk, like they ain't coherent
It's cool with me, even if they wanna act a fool
It's cool, I got the tool with me
I'ma keep it G'd up, hitting blocks on these punks
Burning weed up, better speed up
Before I fly by, I'm a fly guy
Me I'ma make a nigga feel it, that's why my