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Artist: Big Pokey f/ Jhiame
Album:  Evacuation Notice
Song:   Ghetto Starr
Typed by: Lil Hustle

Think a nigga weak or something, uh-uh
I ain't him, I'm 'Dina Sensei ay

[Chorus: Jhiame]
You must be use to them weak niggaz
Oh who do you think you are, you talking to a ghetto star
You think you talking to a weak nigga
Who do you think you are, you fucking with a ghetto star

[Big Pokey]
I put up mob status, cause I'm a mob boss
Trick jelling and spre-wheeling, when I mob off
I took a hard loss, but I bounced right back
Like I took this ball hit the wall, they don't like that
Sleep where the mic's at, hustle where the apes eat
Eat where the lions live, freak where the dikes at
Slow my roll up, I can coast a while
Crock Bull put his bread down, toaster style
Off my hip holster style, niggaz can get it
Texas cocaine state, niggaz is with it
When the pit lock shit detach, when the chain pop
I hop the gate, look for shit to snatch
Gorillas, most the time we muscle our way
Chinchilla for a lick, cause it cover my K
Ya'll know where I stay, big balling Texas
One day crease six, nicks crawling Lexus


[Big Pokey]
You must be use to them weak niggaz, I'm a pimp
Super hoe layer, mack line sayer
Get her with long hair, screaming out Pokey
Vutton footwear, with linen I'm a pimp
Money in her pen, I can get it again
Chip in the motor, I can get in the wind
I ain't fin's to pretend, called you at ten
Showed up by eleven, then I'm hitting the den
You say you ain't a freak, three days later
Still the same week, and I hit in the Benz
It ain't my bidness who you got, hitting the skins
As long as when I want it, I can get in it then
My skin is my sin, and I know that though
But every moment you see me, it's a Kodak though
Head to toe, pop my collar I'ma holla
If you follow, I'ma take you where you scared to go


[Big Pokey]
Hold up lil' mama, I got hoes to call up
Get head in my big bed, and fuck my wall up
I'm what you call a, Lexus crawler
Yellowstone Southside, Houston Texas baller
Kilo hauler, Arm & Hammer and water
A fee is a dame, not a gram shorter
I love my nieces, just like they my daughters
Just left the club, I'm on Grand Monet and slogger
These niggaz aren't a star, disrespecting the game
Mobsteezy hit the deezy, and wrecking your brain
I don't know what you think it is baby, but I'm a boss mayn
Ain't nothing weak about 'Dina, but his golf game
Punch the clock in the trenches, I'm a hog mayn
Slow down and stay focused, when the fog came
It's a whole 'nother ball game, know what it is
I'm the truth girl, know it's for real

[Chorus - 2x]