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Artist: Big Pokey
Album:  Dope Game 2000
Song:   Untamed Gorilla
Typed by: Lil Hustle

It's real uh-huh, verbal cocaine
To your brain, know I'm saying off top
Off the heezy, for sheezy bout the cheesy

[Big Pokey]
It's Sensei the goodfella, kilo seller
Slanger straight up swelling, seller white or hard yella
Put snub nose, to heads of bank tellers
Toss that across the table, commits to paint niggaz sweaters
Concentrates beam, just to make the aim better
Show em the baretta, (what's that) the body shredder
I hit the do', way befo' get the snow
Do it like it G-O, I'm a pro
That you know, Po-Yo heat holder
Size of a polar, bear bitch
I blow a square, in the air
Niggaz know, who I be
It's that, B-I-G-P-O-K-E-Y
Nigga and I blow ties, stay high
Uh, it's that Big Podene
Bloody body, when I flee the scene

[Hook - 8x]
Watch out, untamed gorilla

[Big Pokey]
Off top, just to let a nigga know
I got this rap in a figga fo', nigga I love do'
I'm like a trunk full of C4, ready to blow
Trying to get my shine, on glow
And to them niggaz out there, trying to hate me
I'ma climb the ladder, till that bitch break baby
I ain't stopping won't stop, won't quit Hardest Pit
Smoking niggaz like a cigarette, I'm the shit
On tracks I break they backs, eat em for snacks
Run through em like a x-lax, make they necks crack
Bleeding mic's on wax, for big stacks
Keep my lawyer proof, re-million dollar contracts
I'm bout the dollar dollar, if you ain't about the dollar dollar
Kin folk, I'ma holla holla
Remember, it's that Big Podene
Yellowstone Tex, Y.S.P. wolverine

[Hook - 8x]