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Artist: Big Pokey f/ 1100
Album:  Dope Game 2000
Song:   That's the Way
Typed by: Lil Hustle

Yeah Big Poke', finally hooked up huh
Screwed Up Click, P. Diddy, Treece, Big E
It's going down, we out in Texas you heard

Yeah I'm rolling down South, spinning the spokes chilling with Poke
And I'm riding through these Acres Homes, it's Northside I'm sitting low
Cats see me Southside, it's South Park and Yellowstone
It's 3rd Ward how it go, it'd 1-1 double O
Now y'all spell it out, 1100 now y'all Houston know
One got see that city boy, finally hooked with Big Poke
Now we straight flow it's mad cash, add up those pesos
How y'all love that rap flow, when they Screw it up it's so slow
And y'all make sho you mash me, dancing up at Max's
Sipping over three, while y'all leaning off these daqueries
It's faculty, it's just skis and feel the breeze
C.E.O. Big E, Big Poke the Black fee
We mash the streets, it's self serve play for keeps
Big daddy tracks, make y'all jump up out your seats
So what you boys think, when y'all ever try to creep
Better say 1100, and Big Pokey

[Hook - 2x]
From New York to down South, (from H-Town to Uptown)
From 59 to 95, (that's the way we lock it down)
From New York to down South, (from H-Town to Uptown)
Who that be running they mouth, (ooh what you tal'n bout)

[Big Pokey]
Texas to Uptown, Uptown to Yellowstone
FED's tapping telephones, pulling up on hell-a-chrome
Hell-a-gone, see a bunch of yellabones on the scene
Prada jeans, broads pulling on me like a slot machine
Hot dice dope corners, pigs planting dope on us
Laying up with lesbians, sipping on cold Coronas
Flip bread run flatbeds, to Oklahoma
Packed with J, I stay fucking with Shay
We stay slapping the branson, but hey
Kicking with niggaz, from Brooklyn and East Bay
Made a stop on 8th Ave., where some freaks stay
We had to do em, ran through em like a relay
We play to win, hit billboard top ten
Pull up at the tunnel, and drop in
Just dropped in, to holla at my nigga 11 double O
Nigga we in the do', fa sho

[Hook - 4x]