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Artist: Big Pokey f/ E.S.G., Mussilini
Album:  A Bad Azz Mix Tape III
Song:   Making Mail
Typed by: Lil Hustle

Jeah, uh Southside (what-what)
Worldwide (yeah nigga), E.S.G. (Big Pokey)
(Presidential) Presidential, yeah
Another Bad Mix Tape, something else for them boys to hate
Feel me mayn, ha-ha

[Hook - 2x]
I'ma boss when I floss, can't you tell
E.S.G. a G, that's known for making mail
Big Poke' and Presidential, yeah you know they raising hell
Another Bad Mix Tape, bitch for us to sell

Plus I heard them FED's, wanna put us in jail
Cause I keep a bunch of bricks, and a extra scale
Pimping nigga 50 niggas, times 52
That's how many bricks every week, we run through
Who are you E.S.G., S.U.C. representer
500,000 sold, independent y'all remember
Now peep this I'ma boss when I floss, you know that mayn
No wrecking no, just dro sacks mayn
No suits and ties, just throwbacks mayn
Ask your bitch, she know us mayn
Spark up the dust, nigga po' up a cup
Nigga like me, really don't give a fuck
Candy sprayed on the Escalade, everything 22's it up
My glock on cock, for the boys on the block
Wanna take what I got, but I think not
Don't make me spray your block, I'm keep shooting till the K get hot
K-45, when I ride
Just in case a hater, try to take a nigga life
That's right Southside, I'ma scream it till I die in pain
Make the world feel my name, fuck the fame
See the streets won't change, nigga fucked up game
Ain't no good having a gun, with a fucked up aim
This a Mix Tape mayn, hit the sto' and cop shit
E.S.G.-Big Pokey, Presidential got the block locked bitch

[Hook - 2x]

[Big Pokey]
Say my client tail heavy, like F-A-T I love it mayn
Copping houses, pushing deuce seaters in the turning lane
Can't you tell everytime, I'm on the track I bring the pain
E.S.G. leave a stain, on brains since Swang & Bang
2004, Lil' Keke gon take em lane to lane
M.O.B. Style in the do', Hurricane gon change the game
X'ing niggas name out, putting niggas flames out
S.U.C. that's all the time, Screw-Zoo got my name hot
I can't stand in the same spot, when I know first down gon move the chain
Two yard deep in the red zone, start out wide cut against the grain
H-A-Dub, Pee-Wee, Ron G that's Dead End
Botany Boys B.G.'s, D.Z. in the FED Penn
Push rewind I'll say it again, don't card that's bootlegging
Bootleggers get legs broke, y'all be not be hard headed
Nigga like me work hard at it, all about my do' stack mail
Bad Azz Mix Tape part 3, moving units like crack sales

[Hook - 2x]

It all started from a beep, a mind and a sweet
Everybody wanted love, in the Southside streets
Screw Tapes kept us going, and the hood kept us safe
From them folks that's running round, badge and glock on they waist
My niggas apes about they dividends, we love to stack we love to spend
We love the Lacs and we love the Benz, we love to jack we love to end
Best believe it's going down, selling green by the pound
Clear the 'Vard if the laws around, don't want my thieves doing time
Don't wanna see you in the Penn, you in the Penn or you in the Penn
Don't get caught I'll do it again, that's the same thang you would of did
Maximize without a doubt, seldom seen without a pout
G's in clean without a drought, see the scene I'm turning out
Burning out when coming through, do what you gonna do
I got my gun at you, lift my guns in front of you
Plus I flip a Hummer too, sounding like a summer dude
Can you see me Big Poke', E.S.G. and Mussilini

[Hook - 2x]