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Artist: Big Mello
Album:  The Gift
Song:   Show Your I.D.
Typed by: Lil Hustle

[Big Mello]
I caught you looking baby, you like what you see don't you
You want me to holla at ya, you like a G baby
Come on over here mama, I really really want ya
Messing some comas and uh, see what it do baby
I must admit, you are such a jazzy lady
And once I power up girl, I'll really drive you crazy
I wanna lick you up lick you down, body rock it girl
See me and you, we can flip around the world hey

[Hook - 2x]
Before we go, you got to show me some I.D.
You got to be 21, to party with me
I know you shorties wanna kick it, with a real G
But I can't let you, send me to the Penitentiary

[Big Mello]
I know you curious girl, you wanna know don't ya
How it would feel, if I put this bone hard on ya
You like it thuggish baby, you don't want no buster uh-uh
Let me tell you something, I be grinding I ain't with that bumping
I might go harder baby, I'll go all night mama
I'll work that thang baby, and I'll make you feel alright
It ain't too many, that can do what I would do to you
See I'm a freak, but I play by the rules hey

[Hook - 2x]

[Big Mello]
Now everything that look good, may not be good for you
Now all you playas having money, this goes out to you
See it's alright, just as long as they all in love
But if they ain't, they gon lock your ass up hey

[Hook - 2x]