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Artist: Big Mello
Album:  The Gift
Song:   Playa Made
Typed by: Lil Hustle

Uh uh, it's going down mayn whoo
Man uh, going down mayn

[Big Mello]
Uh, I got it bad like Usher
Cats gon Mello, be the head buster
Can't touch the, track bum rusher
Shine like clusters, wreck off busters
Huh no doubt, I bring heat call me
The alarm, spit fire like dragon
Oof, come through deuce out the roof
Sitting on ricks, screens show flicks
D's got nicks, and the damn paint wet
Glass 84's, see I'm gold like a vet
Hit licks out of town, first class on jet
Touch down, stretch limo and Moet
Get the do', for the show you know
Got do's full of pros, wanna see the Mello
Body rocking, hip-hopping and shocking
Popping game to these shoppers, that be out here bopping

[Hook - 2x]
Playa made, everyday all day
Do it my way, super fly way
Y'all know, how the damn thing go
Shit y'all know, I come from the 3rd Coast

[Big Mello]
Trend setter, paper go getter
Tougher than leather, game so clever
When I drop, I make em get it together
They running to the studio, trying to get better
I run through the damn zoo, like ragu
Not lil' boys, ride out the FUBU
Southside Northside, M.V.P.
From the Studewood, to the A-B-T
Boys feel me, still sucker free
When you see me, you see J and Gene
Huh right at ya, lyrical master blaster
Slower or faster, smash rap actors
I'm out the Plaza, 2-8-5-1
Watch me come through, banging Dum-Ditty-Dum
Flipping through the Mo, blow the hydro
In the M-C, with J.B. on 4's

[Hook - 2x]

[Big Mello]
Boys wanna plex huh, on the mixtapes
East Coast West Coast, tripping on states
Way down here, we pushing that pay
Shoot that work, up and down the highway
Huh what it do huh, plex with my crew huh
Y'all new huh, Mello damn fool huh
The body rocker, on Cran and Vodka 
Drop screens in the dropper, hit your ass with the glocka
Blocka-blocka, for the blocker who try to stop a
Mob figga playa holla, if he clocking dollas
H-Town hard hitters, Southside gorilla
Pulling hits on trick ass, snitch ass niggaz huh
Cake ass niggaz, can't see the bank niggaz
Rhyme break scales, I'm a overweight nigga
True hustlers, don't fuck with buckers
Y'all pretty boy niggaz, bunch of gay motherfuckers what

[Hook - 2x]

Playa made playa made, man
Huh Southside way huh what, we ball and parlay
Huh what, and we KMJ huh
What uh come on now, uh uh come on now
Uh uh I see you Q, uh got me thoed so true
Huh what uh, come on come on uh
What these boys tal'n bout mayn, uh what
Can't fade this, know I'm tal'n bout
This that Southside shit, know I'm tal'n bout
Man hold up man, already already
Uh what, we body rock huh
What I, body rock come on uh ha-ha