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Artist: Big Mello
Album:  The Gift
Song:   Party on the Dance Floor
Typed by: Lil Hustle

[Big Mello]
H-Town, you know it go down
Southside body rock, make em wanna show surround
I know they hate it, but we bout that cash
We be on slow boogie, boys moving too fast
I break it down, flip flop it and lock it
Keep the cash in my pocket, still shocking and rocking
Hit the club, tal'n bout what it do
I can show up, this slab or hoo-doo
Come down, don't crush your leather
I break boys off, and type of weather
If it flodd, I could hop on the road
Call Jimmy J, be like Mello let's go
Po'd up, stay dro'd up
Got the little mama, now it's time to power up
Y'all haters, gon recognize
The El Cap-i-tan, starship enterprise

[Hook - 2x]
Party on the dance floor, party people want more
Time to hear some'ing, from the Southside G
Big Mello, coming through the backdo'
Still representing, these H-Town streets

[Big Mello]
In Vegas, with the gangsta strut
Headline next day, H-Town showed up
Been wrecking, these boys for years
Piece and chain hard start, big rock in one ear
Some cats, be fly as broads
These pretty boy flaws, can't fade Bone Hard
Southside, come down all the time
Body rock and put it down, all across state line
Y'all know, where the real ballers be
From the Homestead, to the Mo City
Can't stop the grind, can't stop the shine
Even though they talk down, on this dirty H-Town
I don't bump, in the magazines
I drop these jewels, make you haters feel me
Bone Hard, from the heart of H.C.
'Member me 'member me, still sucker free

[Hook - 2x]

[Big Mello]
H-Town, keep on body rocking
Keep on trunk knocking, keep on top dropping
Hey if you don't know, down here we playa made
True renegades, down here we staying paid
Paint stay wet, Screw in deck
Broads in check, playas still wreck
Haters hit the deck, when we show up on the set
Polo on chest, hard starched Guess
What's up Hiram-Clarke, what's up Sunnyside
What's up South Park, man you know we go live
What's up Yellowstone, what's up Tre-Ward
What's up Northside, now you know we bone hard
What's up Southwest, what's up Mo City
What's up Sugar Land, what's up 1960
What's up Clinton Park, what's up 5th Ward
Run up on this H, see we quick to pull your card

[Hook - 4x]