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Artist: Big Mello
Album:  The Gift
Song:   Miss My Niggaz
Typed by: Lil Hustle

Uh yeah, just reminiscing a lil' bit
You know I'm tal'n bout, this goes out to my homeboy
Sheldon, know I'm tal'n bout

[Big Mello]
We use to talk and walk and stalk the halls, of J-Y High
Spitting game to these shoppers, smoking fry getting high
Leave the school house, making noise all over the city
I'm in the Regal with Bell, you in the Cutlass with Smitty
Two young lil' playas, all the G's cutted fo'
Down for whatever, and loved by hoes
Showing up at the club, getting nothing but love
Posted up straight thugging, nigga fly as a dub
Shell shocked I sho miss ya, nigga why you leave me
All you had to do was holla homie, if you needed me
I never thought, that you would take your life
When I was stressed and down and out, you kept me tight
But damn nigga, it ain't too many more real niggaz
It's like I'm trapped in a zone, around these fake ass niggaz
But I'ma keep it real, keep striving for the mill
Don't worry bout these playa hating niggaz, out here
Yeah fool I'm still laughing, reminiscing on the fun times
Playing in the sunshine, flipping out of town
But I'ma hold it down, keep it real stay true
It's Southside for life, and nigga riding for you

[Hook - 4x]
My niggaz (my niggaz), my niggaz (my niggaz)
Man, man I sure miss my niggaz

[Big Mello]
I remember all the stunts, that had me laughing for months
And all the times that we wrecked the concerts, getting crunk
Blowing blunts on the hunt, for the hoes in the crowd
A nigga tripping on stage, and had em screaming real loud
Kept a pistol in your pocket, yeah my nigga stayed strapped
Sucker free, and when it's time to scrap we had eachother back
Showing up at the Carro, leaning on drank
Ask Pac before the bank, huh smoking killer dank
Shit me and you Dre huh, Trent and B.T.
Huh K.B., Melvin, Doug and N.V.
Shit and that O.D., conversating with hoes
Lifting weights Big Rob, a nigga stuck on swoll
Damn dog, I know you was a G no lie
I remember you hit the church, and sang in the choir
Now, I know you in a better place
And man I'd give anything, to see your smiling face

[Hook - 4x]

[Big Mello]
Now we live so fast, and die so young
And so many cats, done lost they life to a gun
Cause yo we under pressure, but keep it together
Get your chips and have fun, cause it don't last forever
I thank the Lord everyday, I got a chance to strive
For the prize it's a blessing man, just to be alive
Jesus gone, and true playas and ballers
Kinda hard to swallow, sometime it make me wanna holla
But shit I'm like damn, not my man
Young brother young brother, man you just don't undertsand
Now you control your destiny, and take it from me
I'm so glad I ain't back, where I use to be
I keep moving on, and blow a sweet or two
I keep banging my Screw, and wear the red or blue
And take a chill recognize, it's a beautiful life
Now keep your game tight, and try to live right

[Hook - 4x]

Uh know I'm saying, all my homeboys out there
You know I'm tal'n bout, man y'all keep y'all head up
You know I'm tal'n bout man, a nigga don't wanna lose no mo' real niggaz man
You know I'm tal'n bout, all my partnas man
All my dead homies man I miss all y'all, you know I'm tal'n bout
Try to hold it down man keep living, you know I'm tal'n bout all my niggaz