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Artist: Big Mello
Album:  The Gift
Song:   Crazy Game
Typed by: Lil Hustle

[Big Mello]
You know it's crazy sometimes, so much drama all around
Make me wanna get the nine, to lay em all down
But I catch myself, put the pistol on the shelf
Take a breath exhale, thank God for my health
Cause shit, somebody out there didn't wake up
Somebody last night, got locked up now
It's the little things, that we take for granted
Just take a wrong move, will get you took out the planet
Slow down lil' homie, it's real in the field
All that bumping bout nothing, will get your cap peeled
See cats ain't boxing, they pulling them straps
And uh niggaz don't give a damn, because we rap
See I got muscle, on the strength of my hustle
Cats know Mello bout it, ain't a studio buster
Put it down in these H-Town streets, got stripes in these streets
From the concrete, to marble flo' suites now

[Hook - 2x]
It's those crazy, games we playing
Some of us, out here playing ain't gon make it naw

[Big Mello]
It took a little time, for me to figure out
Exactly, what this game was all about
Hey yeah I was young once, we all go through it
See now I'm so focused, I see right through it
Rule one stack paper, stay away from haters
And you shake these fakers, like dice in Vegas
Now you mind your own business, stay out they face
And uh put some'ing up, because it costs to fight a case
Now you got a camouflage, when you on the grind
Get caught don't snitch playa, do your own time
And never hate the one, who put you down
Cause he'll be the same one, to bail you out
No doubt you can't burn bridges, you might cross again
Never turn your back, on your true friends
See me and my dogs, we play to win
And when the smoke clears, we still standing cause

[Hook - 2x]

[Big Mello]
Now these new wave cats, disrespecting the game
Now you know who you are, I mention no names
Naw even in the rain, I contain the stang
While they run around and say, cheat sand in the brain
I sit back puff Jane, hop on the plane
Hit a lick out of town, come back and cop thangs what
Playas know, when it's time to rearrange
And take a new journey, through a new terrain
See I switch patterns, and I stay up and at em
Attack em the first minute, that I spot that it's raggedy
Apply new strategy, avoid the tragedy
Keep it real with the family, haters they mad at me
I'm glad to be, the playa that they love to hate
Now it makes it more easy, to shake the snakes
And I'll watch em fall, just like snow flakes
Now that's the breaks huh, that's the breaks man

[Hook - 3x]