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Artist: Big Mello f/ Trae, Tony Montana
Album:  The Gift
Song:   Bump too Much
Typed by: Lil Hustle

[Big Mello]
Look out dog, we got a hater in the mix
Niggaz mad, cause we trying to get richer
Don't wanna see a nigga, having paper mayn
Make a nigga wanna hit em, with this damn thang
Fuck a nigga what, trying to short stop mine
Hoe niggaz yeah, better not cross the line
It go down nigga what, naw I ain't tripping
This nigga, think a motherfucker bullshitting
I got a plot to hit, and make a phone call
I got partnas, to fuck off all y'all
Montana what's up, you down to ride nigga yeah
Put that motherfucking K, in they life nigga
These niggaz yeah, bumping that bullshit
Running round here bumping, just like a bitch
Now it's about time, we gotta handle up
We touch niggaz, that bump too much

[Hook - 2x]
Now have you ever, been put in a position
You know like, hoe ass niggaz trying to send you to prison
Uh, you better handle up
Cause niggaz, they bump too much now

[Tony Montana]
Look I'm mellow mayn, you know I'm riding with ya
I don't fuck, with these hoe ass snitch niggaz
We got big pistols, for these rat niggaz
Old bitch ass, living in the past niggaz
I don't love em homes, I pump em off for free
And when they fuck with you nigga, they fuck with me
Hold that J and Gene, see we family
KMJ street mafia, power team
I don't give a fuck, I bury cock-a-roaches
Exterminate all insects, and pesky rodents
These niggaz, gon recognize
If they get too fly, kiss that ass goodbye

[Hook - 2x]

I could recall a couple of cats out here, who be hating knowing they shady
But if they come inside of my range, they ain't gon be breathing baby
Lately it seems these niggaz be bumping, stronger than ever
Not clever cause I will hurt em, and spray em like rainy weather
And stop em where I drop em, red dot em and then I got em
And block em and then I sock em, till niggaz wanna call the cops in
To lock me up, but I ain't going back
Half of these cats be knowing that, as soon as they start to chit-chat
Day I be turning blue black you get that, I'm telling y'all to get back
'Fore I get irritated, and slapping your ass on contact
I mean that believe that, you test that I'll stress that
And make it complicated, for people to get they life back

[Hook - 2x]