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Artist: Big Mello f/ Scoopa-Star, D-Man
Album:  The Gift
Song:   Bone Hard
Typed by: Lil Hustle

We the B to the O, N to the E
H to the A, R to the D
Ass niggaz, y'all don't wanna fuck with us
Uh, y'all don't wanna fuck with us

[Big Mello]
First of all, let me introduce you all to my glock
Seventeen shot .40 caliber, stay cocked
I mop up all the slop, once I dump out rocks
Connect the dot mark the spot, and all the bullshit stop
Mo' deadlier than hypnocrypt the catcher and get ya
Hit your ass up out the picture, make your family miss ya
Fucking with my livelihood, will do you know good nigga
Dump inside the shots, make sure your ass die quicker
The wrong nigga to fuck with, come with the rough shit
Dump you in the trunk shit, cup stocked up shit
Unsolved murder shit, my click apply the hits straight
Mash on you bitches, then we dump em in ditches
Fuck em all nigga what, it's Bone Hard for life
All you shife motherfuckers, y'all gon die tonight
And Big Mello be the boss, head honcho got yo
Motherfucking ass in a choke hold, say hoe
Can't no, hater fade a nigga like me
Make it hard for you to creep, put you six feet deep
Turn your sheets, to a pull of blood tie your ass up
Lying there with your wife open, shot the fuck up nigga

Running through your city, like I run through bitches
Run through your whole click, put em in snitches in ditches
Make a mockery, of anybody
That think they short stopping me, I fill your body with L-E-A-D
Cause this ain't no joke, I can vouch for that
Piss off my niggaz, and get a out for that
Deliver niggaz to rivers, like UPS
So keep your fucking mouth shut, cause that would be best
I'm representing to the fullest, like a bird in a nest
And we gon cover for eachother, like umbrellas and vests
From your head to your chest, aiming bout to end it all
You can't game on these niggaz, we gon win it all
Check my mack track record, I'm the fastest one
Plus the jack of a lot of trades, and a master son
So if I kill a motherfucker, I'ma trash the gun
After it's done, I'ma leave him for them bastards come
Huh dramatize action, I'ma have me some
It's sweet I paid my dues, and I keep the receipts
Bitch it's like that, don't give a fuck if you don't like that
And fuck y'all we bone hard, young thugs and macks

I'm Scoopa-Star buster, thugged out drugged out hustler
Brain buster, jaw fucker feddy doubler
Flake bubbler, known to keep the block cracking
Chicken wrapping, chopper packing thug assassin
Like a corpse, I got no feelings at all
All I got is God, family, artillery and balls
I let em hang blow flames, and fry brains of haters
Deep in this game untamed, focused on power and paper
Over scrill, I'll make your head spill
When I aim this heavy steel it's above your grill, I shoot to kill
Since birth, I been paying dues
Cross my chips slip, and your bitch ass ooze
I keep hundred round tools, ready for the war
Still ducking state troops, with dog proof raw
Fuck the law, (D-Man) Mello and Scoopa-Star
Bone Hard, move too fast and end up toe tagged dead in the morgue

[Hook - 4x]