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Artist: Krizz Kaliko
Album:  Vitiligo
Song:   Let's Dip
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Will will will will you go with me come on dip with me
Will you go with me come on dip with me
You lookin like ya won't me I see you
I see you my perfect kinda woman I want you let's dip
{like this}

[Chorus: x4]
Woah woah woah woah woah don't trip I know you just met me but let's let's dip

[Verse 1]
Come on come on come on I bought a couple drinks
and I spent a couple dollas baby tell me what you think
I know yo head right my head right to cariboulu
ain't no tellin what we gone do now
shes in the mix of a Christopher mac
if she is interested I thinkin of takin her back
to the pad with me (pad with me)
Get it til the nabs hit me she wasn't planin to be bad with me
gotta get her bad with me (bang her)
Shall we make the night better the other bitches trippin
see us leavin together they wanna get on
but they can get on they wasn't trippin on me
when I wasn't the big homie of the show me (that's right)
What you gone show me back it up put some weight on that for me
{hold me}
Who me oh kali no doubt baby now put your arms around me let's dip

[Chorus x4]

[Verse 2]
Everybody you have been invited to a sexy party it on 
requires you be getting naughty I think you're on fire baby
your a hottie ladi dadi
The back of a spectacular thicker than snickers my teeth like dracula baby
no I'm after her but after this is over come over
let me do the things I whispered in your ear
that's what I told her (that's what I told her)
don't give me that cold shoulder
don't hesitate I know that I don't know you I'm something to see
so don't bring your girl round me
true player fureal ask n-9-n-e (tech n9ne)
that's how the fat boys get laid it's tranj'e
nigga I'm bout to get paid so we can go and have a one night stand
my mans and them is handlin yo girls so let's abandon them and let's dip

[Chorus x4]

[Verse 3]
He tryna keep it from going on baby don't wanna trip in ya bed
so let him listen to the song baby
cause kaliko is tryna dip into that salad bowl
he ain't tryna to have it though but he ain't gotta know
cause you goin with me 150 1 sprite and a pieces
and you rollin with me tip toe out the back don't even trip
don't tell him who you with give that nigga the slip and let's dip

[Chorus x4]