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Artist: Krizz Kaliko f/ Tech N9ne
Album:  Shock Treatment
Song:   Rewind
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Verse 1: Krizz Kaliko]
Remember your brother
your father
your cousin
your friend
Life ain't over now
matter of fact is just began
I'm on a mission
this is just the way it had to be
Can't be mad at me cause I'm tryin ta feed my family
When ya think of me
picture the sad little boy ya know that's trapped in a grown man
And when ya picture me see me in the world full of fans alone and far from his homeland
Cryin in repetition
feedin his family
bein the definition of hard core
And tryin ta be what you expected out of me
Gotta be proud of me without slavin over an hourly
I know it's feelin I've advanced in the dark
keep tamperin with what I'm so inammered with in his heart
Gotta come better
be better than the average competitor
when I'm impressin the press and execs
It's lookin like it's easy
but it easily eats at me people need a piece of me
but home is where I need ta be
If you lookin for me and don't see me
just leave your loved ones for months and see who still want ta be me

If you wake up and I'm not there cry for me cause damnit I swear
nothing can ever stand between us but time rewind
If you wake up and I'm long gone close your eyes
and play my song nothing can ever stand between us but time

[Verse 2: Tech N9ne]
If I could rewind time
I would de-beast me
have you behind n9ne baby
cause I'm crazy
Do dirt to a kind lady. At first you were mine
maybe. That hurt you but lyin baby
Cause I was gone
and physically gone
and spirit gone
mentally long gone
Lookin out for the nigga that get near it? Now when you come home
Some of the jon is you dearest
I put a million on it you that thinkin of me when you hear it
It's cool tho
rappin should'ntmake you let you boo go
especially when the man is workin takin joo doe
back then I was strugglin baby
now it's a new show. instead of a maybach I guess you prefer a pujo
And night your callin my name
n drive him insane
incredible pain
you got with no monitary gain
I'm sorry baby that's coming from the heart of the n9ne
I know your thinking of me right in this moment wishing you could just rewind


[Verse 3: Krizz Kaliko]
Bet you just wish I could just rewind time
work a 9-5
wouldn't have found n9ne
Coulda just found time to kick with all who that I've neglected
and find my place a blank face in a office space
cause I can't get it right get it right
everybody I kno be steadily mad at me
cause they be callin me ringing my phone wanna know
what's the matter with me when I'm traveling
I could just put the whole city behind me
never let anyone find me drop off the face of the earth my vacation hurts them the worst
ya explain it to my wife why daddy gotta go bye bye
live out his dreams so bye bye
and dry I the eye eye of my son and tell him why daddy been gone so long only seein him off
and on and tuck him in for me and maybe when I get back he'll remember me
and cry for me the big guy who had me
and would gladly die for me and why you sitting idly wonderin what's inside of me
rewind the times when we kicked it right along side of me