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Artist: Krizz Kaliko f/ 816 Boyz
Album:  Neh'Mind EP
Song:   Get Throw'd
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

8-1-6 Boyz
Ain't we sick boy

[Verse 1 - Krizz Kaliko]
Kali Baby…Get 'em daddy
I came here pretty big night
I can't remember it
I'm drunk my breath is all one
I might need a dinner mint
A couple of strong ones and then a couple of shots
I'm getting all one, ok
I never take the wrong one can make anything I can pull
I'll take a tall one, Ok
Make my drink too big to hold and make it pretty cold and
I'm too drunk to even speak nigga ass is pretty show'd
If I could just be off my seat and I getting mold
And drink you under the table I'm talkin bout

Lets get Throw'd
Pop-a-pop-a-pop-a sip hit the floor
Ima turn it up and make it gold
Go many, go many, go many, go many
Lets get Throw'd
Ima have a heart attack [x8]
Makzilla…Talk to 'em

[Verse 2 - Makzilla]
I'm Desi den sober sin
Fellas leavin' cups of lean
Celebratin' soups of through cups of lou
I'll scream saloub
Whatcha waitin' on? Get your drink on
Everyone in 816 knows not into a friend
Of a ten of a ten of a ten so unattractive
My crew consist of 816as who take that slang
And add some liquor make her chug-a-lug
Till she starts to hiccup a thing for good
A think clone tatted up real thick and wild so
Lets make like a realas burnt thing zillas
Lets get


Kutt Kalhoun soo woo…Kutty Go ahead

[Verse 3 - Kutt Kalhoun]
Kutt the room bottle service
Mister melvadear I'm the worst
When it comes to touchin' my lips with liquor
I do to fifths what I do to verses, Kill them
Nigga might lose his shirt, 'cause I'm too beserk when I'm jagar bombin'
I feel it, right up your hoochies skirt cause this erk the jerk is
My fame, my mind, and I drop my draws and get naked
Just my hat and tat to my necklace
Soft as molly what you expected drunk like 40 bins and I'm wreckless
If you born to party I'm the wildest one in my clique when it comes to drinkin' man
It's breaking news when I'm pervy call me Ron Burgundy cause I'm the anchorman

[Verse 4 - Tech N9ne]
4 hoursemen I'm drinkin (whats that?)
Jack Daniels (yeah?), Johnnie Walker(yeah?), Jim Beam (what?)
Jose Cuervo (huh?!), throwin ups what I'm thinkin! At about 7 of those
Level a bro, wakin up sick is inevitable, head on the flo where it keep me!
That'll get me throwin up that neeses, or a beef on bun on bread with a B.B.!
I get so throw'd I mess around and wake up off in Mexico!
So drunk that the killa cartel put the chainsaw down then accept a bro!
So drunk on a hella late night I stumbled into Texaco! Askin for lexapro!
Come on!