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Artist: Big Unk f/ Jeff Lynn, Trae
Album:  Tolerated But Hated
Song:   Everyday

[Verse 1 - Big Unk]
I gotta get up off of my ass - if I think I'm a have me alittle bit of cash
cause ain't nobody gon'give me shit, so I'm runnin these streets like a hundred yard dash
pounds and birds, I trample the block like a herd
gone off syrup, but I still maintain - tryna leave the game but the light bill due
really fast and them bills due too
crystal niggas I see straight through you, so I surround myself with me
took alittle time to find myself but now I grind so I shine myself that's G - Game
never cut a nigga no pain if he ain't never lived in rain
I'm feelin insane, chasin this change - while I protect myself from jackers mayne
all alone I go pound for pound, hard or soft I go zone for zone
lookin in the rearview at my parnta cause I know he wanna put one in my dome
take my throne cause I'm labeled the king
but I ain't fresh off the porch I can peep the scene
I keep some - thing to put it on ya mind - gotta head ain't no screws in mine
watchin the feds while they watchin mine, they can smear the shit - it ain't stoppin mine
the bottom line if I wanna shine - off my ass I gotta grind
watchin the feds while they watchin mine, they can smear the shit - it ain't stoppin mine
the bottom line if I wanna shine - off my ass I gotta grind

(Chorus - Jeff Lynn Repeat 2x)
Everyday I'm on my grind
gotta get off my ass money on my mind
like everyday, it's like everyday

[Verse 2 - Jeff Lynn]
I blame society for life in the street
jackin they will and killin my folk
prayin I'll ride on hundred spokes
I won't ever fall victim to dope
wish a nigga could get my dough
try to play games with me and catch a forty - fo'
thoughts like this they come and go
who needs a friend with so many foes?
G - H - E - T - T - O, nieghborhood still look the same
you can't expect the projects to change
and it's commited to Weed and Cocaine
Extacy and Purple Drank - Dueces, Fo's, Eights, and Pints
I spitt shit that'll make you think, puttin myself at a higher rank
ain't tryna make my soul sink, shit gotta defeat the whole purpose
bein surrounded by hearses, feelin my life is worthless - don't wanna snatch purses
but I'm starvin so I gotta start back mobbin
put the mask on, then I start back robbin
make a nigga heart rate start throbbin
young and confused, head just bobbin
so when I pull out the glock, better get off the block
shit it's bout to go down
the world is mothafucker, niggas be hatin because another mothafucker out here tryna shine
lyrically a clown, I'm wreckin the flow - always a gangsta, ain't never no hoe
one thing fuh sho I'm a let you know, on the cool a nigga bout to let it go - cause Uh

(Chorus - Jeff Lynn Repeat 2x)

[Verse 3 - Trae]
Yea, Trae The Truth.....
I done been through alot of things in this past year - motherfuckers better know what it is
I'm still a gangsta runnin and mobbin for mine - and holdin it down for my kin
my brother got hit with a few years, but one thing I hate is life goes on
fuck it I swear this shit ain't what I'm feelin, but I'm known to be strong
move to the block, sittin back on chrome - homie you know that I stay on my grind
I stay on my dough like I stay on the track and I come out on top like everytime
A - B - N my team you don't wanna see the gang come out to play
cause if it's first and ten, the first is where we spray
Unk get the pump and I'll bust they ass, get some shoes and I'll rush they ass
call me somethin like this and Unk I can play the field and I'll dust they ass
all that talk I'm finna hush they ass, show e'm why Trae The Truth in the city
better pick the lane for I get off the chain and show my swagger is silly
better yet sick, stay off my dick cause it might ruin ya reputation
on the way to the top is where I'm headed everyday I'm like elevation
motivation 3 - 0 - 1 I'm reppin for the lower class
finna show I ain't gon'stop bitch I be movin too fast, Come on

(Chorus Till End)