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Artist: Big Tuck
Album:  Purple Hulk
Song:   T.U.C.K.
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[Big Tuck]
It's the big T - U - C - K chew on mics like a mic buffet
Album drop soon cop da hoe soon
Sippin' hypnotic in a purple lagoon
Trench made house wit a damn boom
Yellows dance there in cat costumes
Say we fuck yellows braid it up how
Call my teeth a witch when you see it it's a blur
Sprewells turn like a ride at the fair
Put out your camel cause it better the a stallion
Coming down swangin' dippin' on blades when my car parked its an arcade
Niggaz at ready for the Tuck
Act like a bird bitch you better duck
Send a nigga to me he better be buffed up
Cause the upper cuts gon' bust his ass up
Top of the line
Watch you can't comply
Rather be a seller rather then a client
Get on your ass like an untamed lion
Call me gun soul niggaz be fryin'
Back on the sweet back on the beat
Ain't big headed cause I'm back the streets
What you doing now I already did
Mastered the art of splitting wiggs

Pick up that album for real, purple hulk for real, know what I'm talking 'bout

[Big Tuck]
Meet me at the club, right by the bar
Peep by stars got the syrup and cigar
Starch down jeans look at something clean
Got the bezzle teen in a regal clean
Man its going down hypnotic getting crowned
Go to the bar buy the club a round
Ballin' like that ballin' like this
Do you want beer or do you want chris
Look at ol' yellow peepin' at me
Fire up a tree in the V.I.P.
Hotboy Tuck who hotboy Tuck
Nut trails turn on a butterscotch truck
Step on the stage boys get crunk
Follow me to the bar lets get drunk
P- U - R - P - L - E throw four screens on the back of a ski
Wood grain sifte just to dip through the sea
Door to door service be on the look out for me fo real