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Artist: Big Tuck f/ Bun B
Album:  Tha Absolute Truth
Song:   Texas Takeova
Typed by: Lil Hustle

It's going down, Bun B baby
Big Tuck baby, you know what time it is
The Texas take over, know I'm tal'n bout
Ay yo Tuck, time to show these boys how we keep it trill
Down South know I'm saying, well let em know

[Big Tuck]
G'eah, this is the Texas take over
The G4 plane, or the Rover
Snatching this money, like a soldier's supposed to
Riding with the pistol, syrup and the doja
Texas is holding, woodgrain controlling
Feeling like Tina, big wheels keep rolling
Big money folding, your ery'day hustle
Today I'm in London, tomorrow I'm in Russia
Hurricane Tuck, the man of the hour
Just got the money, now I'm working on the power
And my real niggaz, still working that powder
While I'm representing, this blue bunny flower

[Hook - 2x]
If you want it, you could find us in Texas
Never gon leave, cause we love Texas
Everything big, up in Texas
By the way we walk, you could tell we from Texas

[Bun B]
It's Big Bun king of the trill, woodgrain gripping
From the land of candy paint, where them boys ain't tripping
See, Texas is the home of Screw music and drank
Coming down blowing swishas, on them 4's that clank
Muddy styrofoam cups, full of oil in our hand
Sitting sidways on leather, as I flip through the land
Chunking deuces showing love, as I swang up on your Boulevard
One hundred percent gangsta, don't make me have to pull your card
From P.A.T., on up to the D
The fucking town we holding it down, and keeping it G
So what you see is what you get, baby simple and plain
Two of the realest done hooked up, to shut down the game
Don't ask us how we got thoed, we just start
Now that UGK done hooked up with that, DSR
It's a wrap, all haters bow down go on and chill
It's some new sheriffs in town, that's on the trill

[Hook - 2x]

[Big Tuck]
I stay hopping out the pearl, Maybach
Living like Diddy in the city, take that
Blowing real kush, don't believe it blaze that
Mob in the club, where the stage at
You could tell, that I'm playing with some change
Cause I got some down South stones, on the chain
Big Tuck is the name, flyer than a plane
Got the Gucci lens, with the diamonds on the frame
Down here in Texas, everything good
Everything candy, everything wood
The Lone Star State, the house on the lake
Riding with a bitch, thick pretty ass face g'eah

[Hook - 2x]