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Artist: Big Tuck
Album:  Tha Absolute Truth
Song:   Monsta
Typed by: Lil Hustle

I'm a monster - 2x

[Big Tuck]
I'm a monster, I do monster stuff
29's on a Escalade, a monster truck
Two million dollars, a mosh man to truck
Big Tuck, the absolute truth or what
(whoa), polar bear teeth of snow
(Tuck), I'm a walking jewelry sto'
(stop he's hot), I'm the cream of the crop
License on the Lamborgini, read "king of the lot"
Prices that I got, make me don of the block
When my niggaz pull up, they jump out like the S.W.A.T.
Team, but I'm on point with the beam
Night time is red, day time is cream
Watch him, I make sure that I hit it
The message that I'm sending, make sure that you get it
G'eah, I'm serious as cancer
I'm more than the truth, I'm the absolute answer

[Hook - 2x]
We ride round with our plastic, nigga don't make me blast it
Dro we puff it and pass it, looking and feeling fantastic
Old school classic, paint job nasty
(ooh he be nasty, he think he too flashy)

[Big Tuck]
Yeah I'm flashy, I do flashy shit
Like get a paint job, and chunk diamonds in it
Just to show y'all, that I'm grinding a bit
(that nigga Tuck ain't rich), stop lying to that bitch
G-G-G-G'eah, that's what them haters'd say
Three story house, you spot from the freeway
G-4 plane, I'll fly my way
Sleep in Dallas, wake up in Zimbabwe
Ay, when you enter my do'
Fish aquarium mouth, in the living room flo'
Wait, the Big Tuck got mo'
Plus I got a loft, on the 84th flo'
G'eah, the underground Al Gore
I don't need a pool, cause the backyard's the shore
Watch him, I got time to kill
The only thing look better than me, is the life I live

[Hook - 2x]

I'm a monster - 4x