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Artist: Big Tuck f/ Addiction, Tite
Album:  Tha Absolute Truth
Song:   Meet Me on the Floor
Typed by: Lil Hustle

Watch us bulldoze your spot, and make your heartbeat stop
Got a mean overhand, oh yeah you will get dropped
Upper cuts combination, please don't get slid
Give this fuck boy a earshot, now he hearing the kick
Better have your shit in order, when you fuck with my click
We got shit you never seen, don't get rocked in this bitch
Ay-ay, my click been the elite
DSR in thr building, don't get stuck to the beat
These hoes ass niggaz in the club, think they swift on they feet
I got them niggaz on watch, oh yeah you will get beat
Burn these niggaz like sweets, call me Smoking Joe
Got a jab for your ass, please don't step to me bro
And don't come to the flo', we got guerrillas at war
We on the Vietnam shit, we leave your head on the floor
Why you acting all hard, we'll pick up your chin
We giving dome shots out, my click came in to win

I'm real (I'm real), you a hoe (you a hoe)
Stop talking, nigga meet me on the flo' - 2x
Meet me on the flo', meet me on the flo'
If you want a problem, nigga meet me on the flo' - 2x

I don't know what these niggaz tripping on, maybe it's what they sipping on
D-Town the murder cap, your ass gon wind up missing homes
Big Tite don't play games, riders never say names
Keep your P's and Q's in order, I'm always on my A game
Come to war with a big gorilla, 4-5's mo' triggas
Show your ass this magic trick, hit the flo' nigga
I don't care what you talking bout, come down to the flo' with it
Like a snake tight on your ass, basement just like fo' hit it
And you better warn them niggaz, I'm King Kong with scrilla
They want beef, then watch us heat filet-mignon them niggaz
Plex is not a issue, go on your mama miss ya
Now may the Lord bless ya soul, family need a tissue
This that rider music, haters they get mad
Come to the flo', and I'ma pop a can of whip ass
See I'm a real nigga, and you's a hoe nigga
That's why your face need fixing, cause it's broke nigga


[Big Tuck]
G'eah, Big Tuck's the name
I make niggaz get low, like a C4 bang
Squirell with a nigga, jabs come like trains
And niggaz are rams, see we don't play games
Ay nigga, fuck your click
Your whole squad are some pussies, mine's running this bitch
G'eah, I ain't gon say no mo'
I'ma find one talking, and put his face on the flo'
My whole team, stay ready
I'm way too heavy, I'm like boxing a Cheve
Nigga, bring your game
Miss me with that talking, you better bring your swangs
This how, we do that there
Fuck your feelings, we do not play fair
We straight, mopping you hoes
It's gon be another gang, when you walk out them do's