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Artist: Big Tuck f/ Chamillionaire, Tum Tum
Album:  Tha Absolute Truth
Song:   I Know You Want That
Typed by: Lil Hustle

[Hook: Chamillionaire]
I know I know, I'm a playa
I stay with a, pocket full of money
I'm a pro, at getting paper
So if you about your money, you should come and get that money with me
I know you want that, I know you want that
I know you want that, get that money with me
I know you want that
So if you about your money, you should come and get that money with me

[Big Tuck]
I'm swimming in cheddar, Gucci's all leaning in leather
Flying wherever, buying whatever whenever
I'm the absolute truth, the bank account's the absolute proof
I'm skating on fools, you should see up under my roof
I'm the money go-getter, diamonds got the chains all here
When that G4 get up, land make the whole city shake up
Big Tuck's up in here, get bucks up in here
Let me tell you some'ing real, every stone VVS clear
Don't have time for them fakers, I been grinding for paper
I'm shining on haters, ten acres up in Jamaica
I'm a fool pimping, a animal for the do'
Professional with it playa, I already know


[Tum Tum]
Main squeeze caramel, pretty face track legs
Big crib couple cars, except for chains big bread
Blue slab blue spokes, blueberry blue smoke
D-Town yep yep, I rep that already bro
Play N Skillz-T-Town, T.P.G.-DSR
You ain't ever seen now, you looking at a Dallas star
Screens on bang on, top drop shag shown
Candy drip-drip-drip-drip, we get our money on
Thanks to Algierz, red monkeys yeah I'm strapped up
We ball for real bro, go 'head and get your stats up
Come on gal shake that, big money make that
'Zilla on the big screen, I know them haters hate that


[Big Tuck]
I'm seriously moving, the McClarren is cruising
I can not be losing, supermodels are choosing
Let me tell you what's happening, ain't no faking or capping
When the music is slacking, I'm going back to that trapping
I'm all gorilla, keep fifth found this glitter
The freeway splitter, inside all chinchilla
In the life of a winner, eat steak and lobster for dinner
Pulling up on some spinners, I make one hell of a contender
I'm so-so focused, no clowning on vocals
Look good on my posters, the yacht is the throwedest
Getting money is sent to, better check my credentials
Overseas account, I'm presidential

[Hook - 2x]