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Artist: Big Tuck f/ Sleepy Lee
Album:  Tha Absolute Truth
Song:   Bottom Bitch
Typed by: Lil Hustle

[Big Tuck]
What's happening mama, let me shoot at you
I'm digging your style, I see you feeling me too
Let's hop in the slab, go to the lake front view
I got some'ing on my mind, I'd like to share it with you
The limo tint, the bank up loud
It's just me you, and this hydro cloud
Damn you fine, thinking out loud
You got the potentials, of what I'm thinking about
(my bottom bitch), I need some'ing to trust
And at the end of the night, you'll be the some'ing I touch
It's easy right now, cause my life's so plush
Plus my cabbage is up, I won't ask you for much
I hope you get the point, that I'm shooting at you
If I was down on my luck, I'd be counting on you
To be my bottom bitch, my bottom bitch
My bottom bitch, my motherfucking bottom bitch

[Hook: Sleepy Lee]
I don't mean to come at you like this, but girl I need a bottom bitch
My motherfucking bottom bitch, (one just like you
If my hustle don't work, I could count on you to be my bottom bitch)
My bottom bitch, (show me a grind
Before I invest my time, I need to know that you down
To be a bottom bitch), my bottom bitch-my bottom bitch-my bottom bitch

[Big Tuck]
My game too real, I know that I got her
The flawless jewelry, I guess she know I'm a rider
Fresh out the shower, body covered in Prada
The brand new Benz, plus the whiff of Piscota
I'm fresh to death, you'll be fresh too
My world's off the chain, let me share it with you
You won't be the same, after a hour or two
First class to London, to the Madimalshu
For my bottom bitch, diamonds and pearls
Don't forget the passport, we bout to travel the world
And it's just like that
It's amazing to have a face, and a shape like that
Let's blaze this sack, take this stack
This what it feel like, to have mink on your back
This for my bottom bitch, my bottom bitch
My bottom bitch, my motherfucking bottom bitch


[Sleepy Lee]
Baby it's some thangs, that I gotta know
Would you be around, if I was po'
If I lost a million dollars, in a day
Would you still treat my Tempo, like an Escalade
Or would you, leave me lonely
Thinking bout you only, I just gotta know baby


(*Sleepy Lee singing*)