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Artist: Big T f/ Lil' Flip
Album:  Million Dollar Hooks
Song:   Candy On Chrome
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[Big T]
Ive been really tryin' baby
tryin' to come down slab for so long
and if you feel like T feel baby
want cha come on O! come on

Candy on Chrome
ah Candy
Candy on Chrome
slabbed out baby
Candy on Chrome
Candy on Chrome

[Big T]
we're all in house playaz
wit so much to gain'
and it aint no thang
since we got to be
lets swing cuz I love it
there's nothin wrong wit T comin through
baby not at all
and  droppin ma slab wit me and you can never go wrong
cuz ma slab is good oh baby
I said whoo!
ridin watchin screens baby
and poppin trump wit me
I said whoo
I said whoo
dont you kno how sweet and wonderful
candy could be
come on come on come on come on baby
lets floss through the hood

We ridin Candy On Chrome
ahah ah ah ah
candy on chrome
slabbed out baby
candy on chrome
candy on chrome

[Big T]
candy on chrome
candy on chrome

[Lil' Flip]
souf side geez ride nothin but red
you can ask beavis
I get nothin but head
I drank some much I sleep wit ma cup in tha bed
all I gotta do is pop tump to turn a head
im on 80 vouls and im actin bad
ma paint job wet like a maxi pad
they call me lil flip
mann! I thought you knew
im tha first one to freestyle 10 minutes on screw
me and big t in an escalade
like lil troy its a better way
I ride on chrome each everyday
every song I get dont get radio played
im only 18 but ma candy drip
if you got cavaties dont lick yo lips
tha freestyle king is ma nick name
I let ma bumper kit hang
while I grip grain

[Big T]
I said come on come on come on come on darlin
lets floss through the hood.....

Im ridin candy on chrome
yes I am baby im ridin candy on chrome
slabbed out baby
candy on chrome
if tha 3'z move ya
tha 4'z a groove
o and let yo slab come down
oooh get it on
on chrome baby

[Big T]
baby can you feel me
cuz them choppaz be lookin nice
baby can you feel me oooh
cuz them choppaz be lookin nice