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Artist: Big Syke f/ 2Pac, Outlawz
Album:  Where I've Been Mixtape
Song:   World Wide Mob Figgaz (Outlawz Version)
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[Verse 1: Big Syke]
Picture me sounding like the world wide mobb figga
Whoo-ridahs this is Syke, call me that nigga
The wigga, connection flex from Ingle-Watts to Texas
Ridin' coast to coast heated in a Lexus
Out the gutter, born to smuggle
K-ball sag so much you can see my draws
Let me ball if I can, I know I can-can
If somebody ask you tell 'em that you the man
Congregation expand across thug lands
Building armies, so don't ever try to harm me
Sucka free, suga flee, want it be
Please stay the hell away from me
I don't want to cheat no mo'
But you did when yo ass was broke and po

[Verse 2: EDI]
Now when we say world wide, please understand it
Cause we got a whole nation of homies and Outlawz that we mash with
Cash respect, in a large abundance
And the G's I roll with come with the game to maintain
The funk gets handle, cause the soldiers dismantle the road of this
What happenend to the womens who be jaw jackin'
Paper stackin' is accomplished by puttin' out bomb shit
On top of our game is where we stay forever poppin'

[Verse 3: Kastro]
Ever since a tod, had been ever did to me
Runnin' the block would be heaven sent and very relevant
That was better then, that's won't be never now
Don't be jealous now, I'm on a world wide level
Being told it's on, about to unfold, across the globe
Mobbin' like Robin Hood, for my gold, like it's Oak
I hold my load down all the way like the ground
World wide mobb figga on a ride me and my niggas clown

[Verse 4: 2Pac]
Known for doing scandalouz deeds
No handlin' me, and naw it ain't the drugs
It's just the straight thug nigga in me
I swoop down and cause havoc
My rapid delivery is automatic, lettin' niggas have it
I been labeled as a thug nigga, since they don't sell my shit to white folks
Ship it to the drug dealers
And catch a catch a nigga world wide
A fuckin' mobb figga
West coast whoo-ride, when we rob niggas
Money made my squad bigger, but we ain't sell our souls
So bustin' on my enemies, murder my foes
At my shows I'm a nut, lights camera time for action
Now get to clappin' to my cuts, a world wide mob figga

[Outro: 2Pac]
Eh yo, bust on them muthafuckaz
Eh, bust on them bust on them
Eh yo, Yak, come on Fatal
Lets get the fuck outta here...