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Artist: Big Syke f/ 2Pac
Album:  Where I've Been Mixtape
Song:   Me and My Road Dogg (Remix)
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[Verse 1: 2Pac]
See half the time we fought
Cause trouble, my closest road dog
It was cool cause I love you
Fuck what they talking 'bout
Let me take you back in time
Rewind to '89
Introduce me to this life of crime
But we was blind
Little nappy head juveniles
Livin' wild, no smile on our faces
13, catchin' cases
Indeed it was misery driven by my own demons
Cause they was killin' me
How can I be sure I'll be saved soon
Catch me dippin' to the light of the straight moon
Let's keep it deeper now, let me get yo mind right
Fuck yo enemies, nigga grip yo .9 tight
Tonight's the night
Murder-murder Mr. Lucifer
Pictures of the Devil, duck when he shoot at cha
It's all political
Running from the future, escapin in the fog
Live yo life like hog nigga, me and my closest road dog

[Hook: 2Pac]
All my enemies scatter it don't matter
Me and my closest road dog
Niggaz wanna see me dead, bullets to my head
Mussolini, Makaveli, two to the belly
Fuck'em all
Me and my closest road dog
Untouchable muthafuckin world wide mob figgaz
Deathrow, Westside
When we ride, our enemies die
You know what time it is

[Verse 2: 2Pac]
My minds in jeapordy, my thoughts in pass
I know I'll die soon, so there's no need to ask
How will me homeboys remember me
Bury me a G, casket full of Hennessey
We Thug Life niggaz
Watch for the second coming
Cause I can see the sun
Automatic gunfire makin' all them niggas run
Run from the future, escapin from the fog
Livin' life like a hog nigga, me and my closest road dog

[Verse 3: Big Syke]
Fuses in dark
Since little locs in the park
We kept it tight
Searching for a light
But none in sight
I know God see a nigga in this turmoil suspense
Trapped in this gutter residence
I'm convinced
We commence to mash
Get the cash is all we wanted
With the desire expired
Cause every hood is haunted
By killers and jackers, tryin' to make it as a street hog
Bustin' out a coupe in the smog, just me and my road dog

[Hook: Big Syke]
Nigga, just me and my road dog
Makaveli, just me and my road dog
Nigga, just me and my road dog
Just me and my road dog

[Verse 4: Big Syke]
Everything we did as kids was for the turf
Tryin' to make it work, and my womans gettin' her feelings hurt
See that's my road dog, and you my road pup baby
Not liking him and sweatin' me is makin' shit crazy
Hazy days with penitentiary ways, don't make me choose
Cemetery days escalates, so you know you lose
I'm cruisin through chaos, drivin' through hell county
Disappear off the earth, only my road dog could find me
Always on the side of me, and danger parlayin' on better days
Took the oath to stay down forever to our dyin' dayz
I pray to Yahweh everynight to leave this right across
Whoever go first, don't let the other get lost
Playa Boss, is what we call ourselves soon as we got to taste of wealth
Now we sound like niggas with a bigger arsenal on our shelf
Train this group of G's, Death Before Dishonor
Shakin' fleas, fuck with these you a goner
My age partner, on my side when we ride
Synchronize formation, makin' hits, pullin' licks
Building our reputation
In the hood, from a tiny to a G hog
Nothing comes close nigga, then me and my road dog

[Hook: Big Syke]
Just me and my road dog
Livin on the muthafuckin edge
Just me and my road dog...