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Artist: Big Snap
Album:  How I Live/How I'll Die
Song:   Are You Down
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[Spoken Word]
This is for all my Dueces and Trayz... Gangstaz...
Big ups to y'all Hoodstaz, 2 Golfballs homie
Even you Hoovers. 52, stay up grooves
Dime Block 60's, 43rd Street Hoodstaz, 53rd Street Trayz
127 Gangstaz, One-Nine, Chester Street, Mayo Avenue
CPT. 80's, IKC, 600 Block, 8 Tray, 10 Tray, 28 Block, ECC
Blue Haven Riverside, Blue Haven Santa Maria, Blue Haven LA
One love

Yo, I've banged with Hoodstaz, banged with Trayz
Didn't really get along with Dueces or even Ese's
As for Gangstaz, it's like we say "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang"
And when we on the block just posted, be strapped up with my thang
I done put in my work cuzzos, did dirt for the turf
I done banged on the enemy, and even got hurt
Went to County, Once to State for the spots that I've hit
That's why my arm is tatted up with signs from 28 Block Crip
Busted lip ain't ever stopped me from achieving my goals
Got back up and beat him over head with 3 foot long pole
Then I dropped it, stood up strong, went one round toe-to-toe
He went down and Cali know Big Snappy Loc ain't no hoe
Done been shot, and been the shooter, I call shots on the block
In my car, under my seat, I got a sock stuffed with rocks
But In life, I keep it real, living life of a G
No matter our sets, we locs, so is you gonna be down for me

Stay Down For Me: Hoodstaz & Trayz, Gangstaz and Dueces, Grooves and Eses
Stay Down For Me: LA to Oakland, Diego to Riverside, Compton to Inglewood
Stay Down For Me: Cali to Mi, The Chi to NY, no lies from this side
Stay Down For Me: West Coast to East Coast, Mid-West to Dirty South
No niggas running at the mouth