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Artist: Big Snap
Album:  How I Live/How I'll Die
Song:   Old Days
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[Verse 1]
Straight gangster on a path to destruction I see
Where lil' homies learning to live the life of a G
Mid-west, West Coast, two sides, one life
In the jungle, on the hill, park or block in the night
'69 to '79 was when foundation was laid
Up until the year '89 is when the dues were all paid
In the day was revolution like the Panthers of then
It wasn't kept in progress, now there's violence, homies in pen
The doors were opened, now there closed, like a pimp and a hoe
We used to sport them chucks, with khakis, acey-duecys and more
We sung a song, what was it called, on the Fremont High lawn
We used the canes, they called us crippled, now them days are all gone
We used to hustle, now we rustle, over colors and sets
That's how we earned a bad name and why most of them in debt

Killa Cali, homeland, home of the brave
Back in the days, in '69 foundation was laid
The dues have been paid and still we on the streets with heat
Sparking mad beef, it used to be all about peace

[Verse 2]
Convicted felon as it may be, things get rough at some times
As a BG, po's was always trying to link me to crimes
But they couldn't, 'cause as a youngster I was swift on my feet
Now that I got arthritis in one knee, stay ahead by one beat
As for pumps, I stay strapped, that's for enemy fools
In the days, we used our fists, now catch two with my tool
And the war will never cease until we stop this pollution
End confusion, stop the nonsense, back to revolution


[Verse 3]
Though I was born in, I still didn't get put down for a bit
attempted some hits, at 8 picked up a rag and claimed Crip
was a pranksta, not a gangsta, got put down by Big Blue
Because he recognized the talent, knew I wasn't no fool
Not even from the block or hood, but met up with the crew
Rep the set that spreads from Oakland to Riverside in blue
More than 10 years later, still a ranger, general pro
You step to me cuzz, you finna catch two holes in your dome