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Artist: Big Shug
Album:  Street Champ
Song:   What You Gonna Do
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Big Shug]
Big Shug, one life to live
Make good choices you feel me, yeah

"Whatcha gonna do with your life...
 Whatcha gonna do with your life, my friend my friend"

[Big Shug]
Young man grows up without his pops around
Find ways around his mother, and how to sneak around
He got basketball skills, no doubt
He live in the ghetto, figures this'll get him out
Yeah, momma's drunk and shiz uncle on skid riz
Stuck in front of TV, watchin MTV's Cribs
Forget school, focus is not there
He'd rather hang out, in Murderpan Square
It's where the cats is ballin, females is callin
Shootin hot shots, everybody sprawled out
No doubt, it's gangster to the core
He don't know nothin about, pushin raw
You ask him 'bout homework, he already did it
Who the fuck he kiddin, we been there before
All of us done seen it, all of us done been there
Ain't no way you got wins in the square, the square...

[Chorus] - 2X

[Big Shug]
Pretty girl, pretty long hair
Fly young lady niggaz know her everywhere
Raised by her moms, in the projects
With true street code, discipline and respect
Mom didn't work she collected them checks
Didn't know her little girl, was headin for a wreck
Cats started givin her dough, for her pretty face
She realized her looks, could get her just any place
Started smokin crack, it's the new thing
Started sellin her necklaces and gold rings
After the smokin, and late par-ties
She had nothin left to give but her bo-dy
She soon became, a prostitute
Caught AIDS lived her last days on the stoop
With bags, and no place to go
How could a girl like that, sink so low, so low...

[Chorus] - 2X

[Big Shug]
Young girl, pregnant as hell
Ready to pick a fight as soon as she hear the bell, f'real
Still drinkin, still smokin on crack
Every night different niggaz runnin up her back
And she not realizin there's a kid inside
A life inside, a future inside
She's still selfish, lil' ol' bitch
She wanna go crazy when she can't get her wish
She got a sugar daddy to grant her wish
He gave her plenty money just to eat her fish
She pretty, young 22 years old
Tight fightin skirts no maternity clothes
And if you say she won't be a good mom
She'll break out with the razor to do you harm
She hope the baby looks like her, great
Soon after the birth he's a ward of the state, f'real, f'real...

[Chorus] - 2X

[Big Shug]
What you gonna do, with your life
What you gonna do my friend, heyyy
Make good choices, Big Shug, Maus, one